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Fisher & Paykel 115L Bar Fridge Model:P120RW Detailed Video Review

Fisher & Paykel 115L Bar Fridge Model:P120RW review

hi I’m Mel from appliances online and this is the Fisher and Paykel 115 litre bar fridge the p12 0rw now it’s quite a simple design with a lot of options to suit different homes today we’re looking at a model with a white finish and a right hinged door but this same design is also available with a left opening door all with a stainless steel finish this is pretty much a straight forward bar fridge doing everything you need to keep your drinks chilled and your snacks fresh it is possible to install it underneath a bench or into cabinetry but you must be sure to leave adequate ventilation space available now inside the fridge here you’ll see there are two plastic shelves which you can move to different heights to store cans and bottles of varying sizes now the door racks includes space for tall bottles and adjustable shelf for cans and a covered section up here for dairy unfortunately this bar fridge doesn’t include a veggie crisper but it does have an icebox just here at the top this section is just cold enough to make ice and chill your drinks you could maybe even store a few ice blocks but it’s not suitable for long-term freezing so keep your frozen meat in a full-sized freezer now the side of the fridge here is the dark control for managing the temperature with one being the warmer setting and seven being the coldest now you will need to defrost this bar fridge manually to do this just empty out the fridge put a tray underneath the ice box and push the defrost button which is just here at the center of the knob to stop the compressor now once the fridge reaches the ideal defrosting temperature the compressor will automatically start back up again and you can remove the water and ice from the fridge and that’s the Fisher and Paykel 115 litre bar fridge available with a two year warranty thanks so much for watching and we hope this video will help you in shopping with us here at appliances online and remember to click on the subscribe button for more product videos just like this one

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