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Fisher & Paykel 164L Chest Freezer Model:H160S Detailed Video Review

Fisher & Paykel 164L Chest Freezer Model:H160S review

hi I’m Yannick from appliances onlineand this is the Fisher and Paykel chestfreezer the h1 60s this is a compact andaffordable chest freezer that’s idealfor storing your home’s extra frozenfoods especially if you like to buy inbulk when you go shopping the freezer ismade from zinc coated stainless steelwhich is tough enough to last for ageslooking around the side of the freezerwe have the temperature control thissimple dial lets you select one of tenpower settings for whether you want yourfoods to lightly chilled or deep frozennow when the time comes to defrost yourfreezer you won’t need to worry abouttipping the whole thing over to get ridof the water instead just switch thefreezer off place a container under thedrain spout and open it up so the icybuild-up can easily drain out withoutmess or hassle this freezers lid is niceand lightweight so you don’t have tostruggle whenever you open it but italso offers a nice tight seal keepingthe cold air in and the warm air outlooking inside the freezer it has ahundred and sixty-four liters of volumeavailable there’s a simple wire shelfwhere you can store your everyday frozenitems and any foods that you want to putinto the deep freeze for the long termit can go down the bottom and that’s theFisher and Paykel chest freezeravailable with a two year warrantythanks for watching and don’t forget tosubscribe to appliances online onYouTube for more helpful appliancevideos hi I’m Mel from appliances onlineand this is Meg’s siii 5mx microwave instainless steel now a customers are bigfans of this great looking microwave thereliability and value for money with the34 litre capacity the microwaveaccommodates large dinner plates makingit ideal for families looking at theoutside we have the beautiful stainlesssteel

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