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Westinghouse 180L Upright Freezer Model:WFM1810WC Video Review

Westinghouse 180L Upright Freezer Model:WFM1810WC review

hi I’m Colin from appliances onlinetoday well Westinghouse 180 literupright frost-free freezer at the tophere we have our manual controls it ispreset at the factory you can adjustthat make it less cold or more cold herebut still simply turning a dial thefreezer itself comes with left tingeopening but you can use what comes withit to reverse the door to right-handedopening door inside we have fourpull-out baskets so it gives you easyaccess to all your frozen food the topshelf here is tempered glass and we havea little manual icemaker with storagecontainer at the top here let’s closethat up it’s quite shallow grateful aspare freezer in the garage or somewherein the logy gives you easy access to allthat extra food it has really casters onthe back so you can move it forward andbackwards and adjustable feet at thefront simply plugs into a normal powerpoint and carries a two year warranty onall parts and labor I hope this videowill assist you when shopping with ushere at appliances online and don’tforget to click on the subscribe buttonwatch more product news just like thisonehi I’m Mel from appliances online andthis is makes SIII 5mx microwave instainless steel now our customers arebig fans of this great looking microwavethe reliability and value for money withthe 34 litre capacity the microwaveaccommodates large dinner plates makingit ideal for families looking at theoutside we have the beautiful stainlesssteel

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  1. My small apartment refrigerator just didn’t have enough freezer space>>>      and this unit solved the problem perfectly. I put it on a small end table in my extra bedroom, to bring it to a better height. I’m very happy with the unit.

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