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Westinghouse 240L Upright Fridge Model:WRM2400WD Video Review

Westinghouse 240L Upright Fridge Model:WRM2400WD review

hi I’m Mel from appliances on line andthis is the westinghouse upright fridgein classic white featuring 240 liters ofdedicated fridge space this is anexcellent spare fridge or backup fridgefor the garage now looking inside thefridge we have four wire shelves thatcan be easily rearranged to better suityour storage needsthere’s also a large four with crisperbeing for your fruit and vegetables nowin the door here we have four bins forstoring your bottles and containersincluding an egg tray the fridge storeis also reversible so you can easily fitthe fridge into any room layout withoutit getting in the way now one great wayto use this fridge is to team it up witha matching westinghouse upright freezercreating a perfect pigeon pair with acombined capacity of 440 liters which iseasily enough food storage space for afamily of four or more and that’s thesimple and affordable westinghouseupright fridge thanks so much forwatching and remember to subscribe toappliances online for more helpfulappliance videos just like this onehi I’m Mel from appliances online andthis is Meg’s siii 5mx microwave instainless steel now our customers arebig fans of this great-lookingmicrowaves the reliability and value formoney with the 34 litre capacity themicrowave accommodates large dinnerplates making it ideal for familieslooking at the outside we have thebeautiful stainless steel

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