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Westinghouse 280L Fridge Model:WTB2800WC Detailed Video Review

Westinghouse 280L Fridge Model:WTB2800WC review

hi I’m Colin from clients online todaywe’re looking at the Westinghouse 280litre top mount freezer available inPacific silver and white as displayedhere the fridge comes in right hingedversion straight out of the box but youare able to buy a optional extra lifthuge conversion kit convert it to theother way opening handles are moldedinto the size of the door so simply openit up frost free freezer inside we havea twist manual icemaker so simply turnthe control to the right dispenser theice in the container you can serve fromhere I’ll use that at the table it’s anice little add-on adjustable shelvinginside the shelves are plastic insidehere and we got plenty of storage spaceon the top of the freezer let’s have alook inside the fridge compartment atthe top here we have our little delicontainer it easily slides forward easyaccessed we have got incandescent globesin the back here tempered glass shelvesyou can adjust the shelving and on theinside of the door here the crisper topyou can use as more storage space it’s aplastic top and what a see-throughcrisper being down the bottom here slidethat towards you it’s not that deep wehave got the compressor right behind toslide that back in we have our humiditysection here so you can make it walkhumid inside which means your veggiesand fruit will last longer adjustableshelving down through the sides heresmall containers little egg tray comeswith it and you put your one or twolitres in the side here let’s close thatup well the fridge is on glides at theback and we’ve got adjustable feet atthe front so you can level with fridgeup Westinghouse two year warranty on allparts and labor I hope this video willassist you when shopping with us here atlion sunlight and don’t forget to clickon the subscribe button to watch moreproduct reviews just like this oneyou

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