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Samsung 320L Top Mount Fridge Model:SR320MLS Detailed Video Review

Samsung 320L Top Mount Fridge Model:SR320MLS review

hi I’m Colin for appliances on LY today we’re looking at the Samsung top mount freezer 321 liter fridge let’s have a look at some nice features here at the front we have a stainless steel as great little molded handles here let’s swing that open have a look inside inside we have plenty of room for our prostrate freezer we have twist icemaker here at the top so simply dispense the ice by twisting the control to the right on the side of the door here we are surely for you all your packaged food let’s have a quick look inside the fridge compartment at the top here we are LED lighting that’s great energy-saving lighting from top to bottom nice lighting all the way through the fridge at the top here we have our little compartment here that’s a deli storage compartments have an easy glide system next one down is an EZ glide so if you’ve got big platters anything like that simply place it on here and it glides all the way out toward you don’t have to reach inside the fridge compartment we have a adjustable shelf here it is tempered glass down the back of the fridge we have a building deodorizer that will absorb any odors and smells that’s a nice feature there down the bottom we have a full width crisper so it straight away you can see what’s inside it does glow all the way out and you can remove up for cleaning on the sides here plenty of storage space here for all your noir knickknacks and we’ll take large bottles on the side we have got a two year one here on all parts and labor and there we have some great features with our Samsung 320 litre fridge I hope this video will assist you when shopping with us here at appliances online and don’t forget to click on the subscribe button to watch more product reviews just like this one hi I’m Colin from appliances online today we’re the collector like sense of dry just having a quick look at the control panel here quickly to press the button the lights up on the LED display here we’ve got some nice little functions through here all the dry cycles simply depress the button it scrolls through whether you want to do it dry normal dry

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2 Replies to “Samsung 320L Top Mount Fridge Model:SR320MLS Detailed Video Review

  1. >>> love it.can reconfigure shelf racks.this frig is nice quite.freezer freezes pretty quickly.did not need a 20 square foot frig just two folks living in the house and i have a small chest freezer out side in my shed.i have owned this danby for one an a half years now and no problem with it.may add electric bills also less.i would buy another one should i need one.

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