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Samsung 350L Fridge Model:SRL350LS Detailed Video Review

Samsung 350L Fridge Model:SRL350LS review

hi I’m Mel from appliances online andthis is Samsung’s stainless steel bottommount fridge with a gross capacity of350 liters and a net capacity of 290liters this is a good sized fridge for asingle or couple household this fridgeis powered by a digital invertercompressor which helps the fridge to runefficiently and quietly Samsung is soconfident in the quality of this fridgemotor that it comes with its own tenyear parts warranty looking inside thefridge we have adjustable glass shoppingfor storing your food and drink as wellas an upper dairy compartment a fortwith crisper bin at the bottom and abottle rag for laying down your drinksthis fridges door shelves also leaveplenty of space available for tallbottles and include an egg tray near thetop now at the top of the fridge here wehave the electronic control panel whereyou can adjust the temperature of thefridge and freezer sections to bettersuit your preferences you can also usethis panel to select the power freezefunction for when you’re putting a lotof food into storage at once and thevacation mode for saving energy whileyou’re away from home on holiday andwon’t be using the fridge now looking inthe freezer section down here we haveseveral deep drawers for storing yourfrozen food both the freezer and fridgesections have been treated to minimizefrost build-up which help the applianceto maintain consistantly cooltemperatures and that’s the Samsungbottom mount fridge in stainless steelan efficient food storage solution forsmaller households thanks for watchingand remember to subscribe to appliancesonline for more helpful appliance videoslike this one hi I’m Mel from appliancesonline and this is Meg’ssi3 5mx microwave in stainless steel nowour customers are big fans of thisgreat-looking microwaves reliability andvalue for money with the 34 litrecapacity the microwave accommodateslarge dinner plates making it ideal forfamilies looking at the outside we havethe beautiful stainless steel

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