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Midea Gas Oven and Cooktop Model:36SME5GFR00P48 Detailed Video Review

Midea Gas Oven and Cooktop Model:36SME5GFR00P48 review

this 121 litre gas dual fuel upright cooker from My dear will look stunning in your home and offers precision with a gas cooktop as well as the perfect environment for baking with an electric oven now the cooktop features five burners which sit below cast-iron pan supports but to ensure the supports don’t scratch the cooktop surface they’re fitted with rubber trivets the cooktop also features a flame out protection system that will switch off the gas supply if for any reason one of these flames go out the control panel features seven easy-to-use dials with the left two operating the ovens temperatures and features and the five here on the right operating the stoves cooking zones now there is also a digital clock located to the left hand side there now this full wood panel that you can see is stylish and it’s also convenient while the oven door itself is triple glazed and that’s to ensure heat stays within the oven during the operation as well as keeping the outside of the oven cooler which helps avoid accidental burns now this great oven is multifunctional and thanks to the double fans inside the entire ovens cavity can be used and that means you can place food on to either one of the wire rack support you can be confident your food will be cooking to perfection there’s also a handy rail so loading and unloading heavy dishes is a lot easier and the rotisserie feature makes cooking chicken hassle-free and thanks to self planning catalytic liners that absorb food splashes to be vaporized during high temperature cooking the oven is also very simple to maintain now with these great features and also a two-year warranty this 90 centimeter freestanding cooker from my dear will make a great addition to any Australian kitchen thank you for watching and don’t forget to type in your delivery postcode into the delivery and installation info box on the product page to see if you’re eligible for free delivery

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