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Westinghouse 370L Fridge Model:WBM3700WBLH Detailed Video Review

Westinghouse 370L Fridge Model:WBM3700WBLH review

hi I’m Yannick from appliances onlineand today we’re looking at the WB m 3700 w blh bottom mount fridge fromwestinghouse this model comes instainless steel as well as white whichis the one featured here today thisbottom mount fridge gives you a range ofconvenient storage solutions Australianfamilies have trusted Westinghouse forgenerations and their fridges can berelied on to keep food crisp chilled andfresh plus this fridge comes with arange of functions designed to make iteveryday life a little bit easier insidethe fridge the shelves are made fromspill safe glass they’re sturdy and theyprevent drips the telescopic bin givesyou instant access to your fruit andveggies and humidity controls will helpkeep your greens greener for longer thesmaller door bins are fully adjustableand the top bins feature lids separateeasy-to-use dials control therefrigerator and freezer temperaturethese are located towards the back ofthe fridge consistent temperatures aremaintained by multiflow air deliverytechnology and the chill stream aircurtain keeping your food fresher forlonger the upside down design isconvenient as it saves you from bendingdown often as more of your everydayfoods are stored in the top section nowlooking inside the freezer there are twofull with freezer bins which gives youmore freedom to organize your foods theway you like there’s also an extra topshelf for smaller frozen foods such asblocks of frozen pastry sheets and thereyou have it a great size fridge for amedium-sized family from Westinghousethank you for watching and I hope thisvideo will assist you when shopping withus here at appliances online and pleasedon’t forget to click on the subscribebutton and check out our YouTube channelfor other product reviews just like thisone hi I’m Mel from appliances onlineand this is snakes siii 5m x microwavein stainless steel now our customers arebig fans of this great lookingmicrowaves reliability and value formoney with the 34 litre capacity themicrowave accommodates large dinnerplates making it ideal for familieslooking at the outside we have thebeautiful stainless steel

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