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Kelvinator 390L Fridge KTM3900WBRH Detailed Video Review

Kelvinator 390L Fridge KTM3900WBRH review

hi I’m Yannick from appliances onlineand this is Calvin aiders 390 literfridge with top mounted freezer the KTM3900 WB RH this refrigerator is rightopening where the door opens from leftto right it also carries a 24 monthwarranty for extra peace of mind lookingat the outside this fridge is finishedin a classic white the fridge andfreezer offer a combined capacity of 319liters which is enough storage space toefficiently feed a household of two tofour peopleas with all fridges remember to measureyour kitchens available space before youbuy this one so make sure it’ll fit anddon’t forget to leave a little extraroom available around the size and therear for ventilation looking inside theupper freezer section there’s a wireshelf for separating your frozen foodswhich you can adjust to different levelsas well as to full width space-savingdoor shelves where you can keep yoursmaller items let’s take a look insidethe fridge starting at the top we havetwo straightforward dial controlssetting the temperature for the fridgeand freezer there are three glassshelves available which you can adjustto different levels so it’s easier tostore food and drink of different shapesand sizes at the base of the fridgecompartment there’s two full width fruitand vegetable crisper the slider herelets you adjust the Crispus humidity tobetter suit its contents so if you’restoring celery lettuce or other leafyvegetables that you want to keep moistyou set a higher humidity but if youwant to keep fruit fresh set it to a lowhumidity looking at the fridge doorthere are two full width door bins aswell as the half width door bins anduppermost dairy section with lid theseprovide you with plenty of opportunitiesfor storing bottles cans and jars of allshapes and sizes and that’s thewestinghouse 390 liter fridge availablewith a 24 month warranty thank you forwatching and I hope this video willassist you when shopping with us here atappliances online and please don’tforget to click on the subscribe buttonand check out our YouTube channel forother product reviews just like this onehi I’m Mel from appliances online andthis is max si3 5mx microwave instainless steel now a customers are bigfans of this great looking microwave thereliability and value for money with the34 litre capacity the microwaveaccommodates large dinner plates makingit ideal for families looking at theoutside we have the beautiful stainlesssteel

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