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Samsung 393L Fridge Model:SR393MLSR Detailed Video Review

Samsung 393L Fridge Model:SR393MLSR review

hi I’m Yannick from appliances onlineand this is the Samsung 393 litre topmount refrigerator the SR 393 MLS arethis stainless steel fridge is about theright size to suit a household of threeto four remember to always measure yourkitchens available space before buyingallowing some extra room for the fridgesventilation looking at the freezersection on top you can see that itincludes a sturdy plastic shelf as wellas two door bins for more storageoptions there’s also a handy twisticemaker that lets you quickly andefficiently prepare a whole tray of icecubes at a time looking inside thefridge compartment we can find the glassshelves the easy slide show has beendesigned to let you easily reach itemsat the rear of the fridge withoutemptying its other contents allowing youto keep your food and drink efficientlyorganized at the top of the fridgesection we have the fresh room chillcompartment which is handy for keepingdairy and deli items nicely cool at thebase of the fridge the big box crisperincludes cool Eva’s own that helps keepyour fruits and vegetables in thereideal conditions for storage and on thedoor there are door bins for storingbottles cans and other food and drink ofvarious shapes and sizes the entirefridge section is illuminated by cooland efficient LED lighting and thetemperature is maintained with multiflow air delivery with a silver plusdeodorizer to help limit the spread offood smells throughout the fridge andthat’s the simple and affordable Samsung393 litre top mount fridge availablewith a two year warranty and a ten yearparts warranty on the efficient andreliable digital inverter compressorthanks for watching and don’t forget tosubscribe to appliances online for thelatest appliance news reviews and muchmore hi I’m Mel from appliances onlineand this is snakes siii 5mx microwave instainless steel now our customers arebig fans of this great-lookingmicrowaves reliability and value formoney with the 34 litre capacity themicrowave accommodates large dinnerplates making it ideal for familieslooking at the outside we have thebeautiful stainless steel

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