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Westinghouse 420L Fridge Model:WTM4200WB Detailed Video Review

Westinghouse 420L Fridge Model:WTM4200WB review

today we’re looking at the westinghouse420 litre frost-free fridge comes in white HSN here but also in a nice mark-free stainless steel let’s have a look inside at the top he got to fix shells that’s great for your small packets of vegetables inside timber glass shelf icemaking now this manual and it’s a twist-action so fill it up twist and the ice caves of this story to contain at the bottom so all totally frost free let’shave a look down the bottom so let’shave a look at the top shoving here we got stories for a butter and dairy little lockable section here maybe for medicines if you like keeps a little fingers added a again adjustable shelving through here larger containersdown through the bottom adjustable shelving from top to bottom they are tempered glass so if you do get a spill it contains it in that area nice andeasy to clean up down the bottom pullcrisper so if you go to your large lettuce or series in the bottomplenty of room lighting at the backeliminates all the way through thefridge and you got manual controls

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