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Electrolux 430L Bottom Freezer Fridge Model:EBM4300SDLH Detailed Video Review

Electrolux 430L Bottom Freezer Fridge Model:EBM4300SDLH review

hi I’m Yannick from appliances online and today we’re looking at this 430 litre bottom-mount fridge from Electrolux the EBM 4300 s DLH this fridge comes in a stainless steel finish and has a two-year warranty for peace of mind there are a frigerator featured here today has its dual hinged on the left-hand side but it’s also available right hinged to fall then design a handle it’s not only make opening and closing the door easier but they also add style and elegance to your kitchen this fridge is filled with great features such as the separate temperature controls the door closed assist function and the multi flow air delivery system which evenly disperses the air throughout the fridge to ensure optimal temperatures taking a look inside the fridge there are six door shelves the bottom two are deep and large enough to accommodate milk bottles and juice cartons while the top shelves will easily hold your dairy products and jam jars the two very top shelves are half with dairy compartments they feature lids inside the fridge itself there are adjustable spill safe glass shelves with this shelf being a spill safe slide away glass shelf which can provide additional storage for tall items the first drawer down is the full width deli compartment and below that is the full with EZ glide crisper bin with humidity control there’s also a bottle caddy for easy storage of wine bottles or beer bottles the freezer can be easily organized thanks to the clear freezer bins and the freezer storage tray there’s also a twist and serve icemaker with ice bin and scoop this fridge is frost free which means you don’t have to manually defrost any annoying frosty buildup it also has electrolux’s fresh scents deodorizer which will keep your fridge and its contents smelling fresh if you’re looking for a great fridge that’s filled with awesome storage solutions and smart features then this bottom-mount fridge from Electrolux is for you I hope this video will assist you when shopping with us here at appliances online and please don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for other product reviews just like this one hi I’m Mel from appliances online and this is snakes si 3 5 MX microwave in stainless steel now a customers are big fans of this great looking microwave the reliability and value for money with the 34 litre capacity the microwave accommodates large dinner plates making it ideal for families looking at the outside we have the beautiful stainless steel

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