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Westinghouse 430L Upright Fridge Model:WRM4300SBRH Video Review

Westinghouse 430L Upright Fridge Model:WRM4300SBRH review

hi I’m Yannick from appliances online and this is the Westinghouse upright fridge the wrm 4300 SB rh the model we’re looking at today is right hinge with the door that opens from left to right a left hinged version is also available the wrm 4300 SB LH this is the fridge for you if you need some additional food storage space in your home as well as using it on its own you can also set it alongside a matching Westinghouse upright freezer to form a pigeon pair providing your home with a massive amount of storage space for your fresh and frozen foods connecting the fridge and freezer in a pigeon pair will require an integration kit available as a separate accessory looking inside the fridge there are a wide variety of different storage options available for all kinds of food and drink the shelves and door bins are adjustable with more than 20 different configurations available for storing items of all shapes and sizes there’s also a dairy compartment a crisp herb in a bottle caddy and a deli compartment also an egg tray and lockable store safe draw for storing special items such as medicines the glass shelves are designed to be spill safe and can contain up to one liter of liquid in case of accidents preventing any messes from spreading throughout the fridge now I have a Westinghouse fridge at home and last winter I’ve made some chicken stock to make a nice warming soup put the chicken stock in the fridge Sport everywhere I was so glad for the school safe function keeping it all contained this frigid temperature is maintained by a chill stream air curtain which flows down the front of the fridge compartment to ensure that all your food and drinks are kept evenly cool and that’s the Westinghouse upright fridge available with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty thanks for watching we hope this video will help you when shopping with us here at appliances online and remember click the subscribe button for more product videos just like this one you

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