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Fisher & Paykel 442L Fridge Model:E442BRE4 Detailed Video Review

Fisher & Paykel 442L Fridge Model:E442BRE4 review

hi I’m Mel from appliances online andthis is Fisher and Parker’s bottom mountfridge this one here is a 442 litrefridge but it also comes in the slightlysmaller sizes of 403 liters and a 373liter version all three are alsoavailable with a left hinge opening thisfridge is large enough to suit a familyof four it uses sensor-based activesmart cooling to ensure that all of yourfood and drinks stay is consistentlyfresh whenever the fridge detectschanges in its temperature itautomatically adjusts its callingsettings to keep conditions stable nowlooking at the outside here the fridgeis finished in a classic white a greattraditional kitchen color looking insidethe fridge section we find theelectronic control panel just off to oneside here now these simple touchcontrols let you select the besttemperature and humidity settings forthe food you’re storing you can alsoselect special cooling modes such asfast freeze for quickly getting the WICshopping into storage or bottle chillfor serving wine at its idealtemperature now the whole fridge sectionis illuminated with a bright andefficient LED lighting the glass fridgeshelves are adjustable so you can alwaysrearrange them to better suit your needsthe shelves are also designed to bespill safe containing the drips for inany little accidents and they’re alsoeasy to wipe clean the fridge has twohalf with crisper beans with adjustablehumidity levels now this lets you crankup the humidity to better store moistleafy vegetables or to keep conditionsof it dry for crisp veggies such ascarrots now on the fridge door here wehave several door shelves including twocovered door bins for storing eggs orcheese inside the freezer section wehave multiple freezer drawers in varioussizes offering plenty of options forstoring frozen food there’s even ashallow shelf just here for storing icecube trays and that’s the fishermen parkor bottom mount fridge with efficientactive smart sensor cooling thanks somuch for watching and remember tosubscribe to appliances online for morehelpful appliance videos like this onehi I’m Mel from appliances online andthis is Meg’s siii 5m x microwave instainless steel now our customers arebig fans of this great-lookingmicrowaves reliability and value formoney with the 34 litre capacity themicrowave accommodates large dinnerplates making it ideal for familieslooking at the outsidethe beautiful stainless steel

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