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Electrolux 510L 3 Door Fridge Model:EHE5107SB Video Review

Electrolux 510L 3 Door Fridge Model:EHE5107SB review

hi I’m Colin from appliances onlinetoday we’re let relaxed 510 litre Frenchdoor fridgeat the front here we have stainlesssteel nice pole handles all the waythrough and paulinha on the freezerlet’s have a quick look inside LEDlighting running from the top but at theback side gives you great lighting allthe way through from top to bottom wehave tempered glass shelves all the waythrough this spill-proof so if somethingdoes fall oversimply mop it up at the back here wehave fresh sensor so it will detect anyodors any odors from food soap passesthrough there and I’ll neutralize themwe have multi flow system from top tobottom this little vents you see at theback there so it gives you a constanttemperature all the way through yourfridge section we have two nice jellybeans here at the front they’re easyglide and two good-sized crisper binsthey’re quite deep and we’ve got ahumidity section on them as well justhere so you can move that forward orback it makes it more human inside meansyour veggies will last longer this shelfhere is a split shop so if you do havelarge items in there pull it towards youdrops down and slides back so it givesyou all this complete shelf here plentyof room for tall items shelving on bothsides plenty of shelving right throughand we’ll take a 2 or 4 litre containerlet’s have a quick look inside thefreezer compartment matching handle sameas your fridge it’s a draw system closeout toward you one huge been here at thebottom medium sized been here withlittle ice tray and a little slide trayhere for all your flat packet food wehave got an ice maker here to manualicemaker it’s got the twist mechanism onit so once you’ve made your ice it’sformed simply twist the dial to theright the ice dispenser straight intothe container you could take thecontainer at and serve it at the tableas well let’s close the door up there’sa good-sized depths about 600 deep andthe cabinet plugs into a normal powerpoint it is on casters two classes areback are fixed the two at the front areadjustable allow us to get the balanceright here at the front here we haveElectrolux 510 litre frost freefrig 2-year warranty on all parts andlabor I hope this video will assist youwhen shopping with us here at appliancesonline don’t forget to click on thesubscribe button to watch more productreviews just like this onehi I’m Mel from appliances online andthis is snakes si 3 5 MX microwave instainless steel now a customers are bigfans of this great-looking microwavesthe reliability and value for money withthe 34 litre capacity the microwaveaccommodates large dinner plates makingit ideal for families looking at theoutside we have the beautiful stainlesssteel

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