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Westinghouse 510L 3 Door Fridge Model:WHE5100SA Video Review

Westinghouse 510L 3 Door Fridge Model:WHE5100SA review

hi I’m Mel from appliances online andtoday we’re looking at this 510 litrefridge from Westinghouse this fridgesfinished an elegant stainless steel andcomes with a 2-year warranty the handlesare slim and full-length making forsimple opening and closing of the doorfilled with great features such as frostfree multiflo air delivery and freshlogic deodorizer as well as convenientstorage ideas this ridges ideal for afamily of five or more as we take a lookinside the fridge you can really get anidea of just how big this fridge reallyis now the French door design allows youto easily see what’s inside which helpsyou decide what you need when goinggrocery shopping the shopping is madefrom spill safe glass and are fullyadjustable to suit the needs of you andyour family there is also a removablewine rack and two half withhumidity-controlled crisper bins thedoor shelves are deep and large andeasily accommodate milk bottles andjuice containers the control panel canbe found just up here on the right-handside it has separate temperaturecontrols for the freezer and fridge thepanel also has the controls for thedrinks chill function quick freezefunction and holiday function thefreezer door glides out and featuresdeep freezer bins for easy storage ofall your frozen food there is also atwist ice maker and the ice bin with aserving scoop if you and your familylooking for a large fridge that stylishand packed with awesome features thisWestinghouse 3 door fridge is definitelyfor you I hope this video will assistyou when shopping with us here atappliances online and please don’tforget to subscribe to our YouTubechannel for other product reviews justlike this one hi I’m Mel from appliancesonline and this is megs siii 5m xmicrowave in stainless steel now ourcustomers are big fans of thisgreat-looking microwaves reliability andvalue for money with the 34 litrecapacity the microwave accommodateslarge dinner plates making it ideal forfamilies looking at the outside we havethe beautiful stainless steel

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