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Westinghouse 510L Fridge Model:WBM5100WCLH Detailed Video Review

Westinghouse 510L Fridge Model:WBM5100WCLH review

hi I’m Yannick from appliances onlineand this is the Westinghouse 510 literbottom mount refrigerator the WB m 5 100WC this model has a left opening doorbut there’s also a right opening designthat’s otherwise exactly the same thisfridge is finished in classicfingerprint-resistant white and it hasan integrated door handle design with atotal volume of 510 liters it’s a goodsize fridge for households of 4 peopleor more be sure to check the fridgesmeasurements against your kitchensavailable space before you buyremembering to leave a little extra roomto spare around the size and the rearfor ventilation the fridge section is ontop and it places all of your everydayfood and drink right at eye level whereit’s easy to access without having tobend down the three glass shelves areadjustable so you can reposition them tobetter store your food and drink they’realso spill safe and they’ll help containany messy accidents so that they don’tspread throughout the fridge otherstorage areas include the twohumidity-controlled crisper bins and thestore safe draw which can be locked toprotect your special items such asmedicines on the door we have the dairycompartments as well as half and fullwidth bottle bins including fingers tohelp keep your bottles secure lookinginside the freezer there are two freezerdrawers that are easy to slide in andout making it simple to access yourstored frozen food and for extraconvenience there’s the twist and serveice trays they’ll let you enjoy icecubes with just the flick of a wrist thetemperatures in the fridge and freezerare managed with simple dial controlsthese settings are kept consistent withthe help of a chill stream air curtainwhich helps cool the flowing air downfrom the fridges front section andthat’s the Westinghouse 510 litre bottommount fridge a simple design that’slarge enough to suit a family thanks forwatching and be sure to subscribe to ourYouTube channel for more appliancereviews like this one hi I’m Mel fromappliances online and this is snakessiii 5m x microwave in stainless steelnow our customers are big fans of thisgreat-looking microwaves the reliabilityand value for money with a 34 litercapacity the microwave accommodateslarge dinner plates making it idealfor families looking at the outside wehave the beautiful stainless steel

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