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Fisher & Paykel 519L 3 Door Fridge Model:RF522ADUSX4 Video Review

Fisher & Paykel 519L 3 Door Fridge Model:RF522ADUSX4 review

hi I’m Colin from appliances onlinetoday we’re looking at the Fisher Paykel519 litre French door fridge let’s havea look at some nice features here at thefront we have easy clean stainless steelnice designer handles that will alsocomplement their cooking reigns to someof their dishwashers as well at thefront here you’ll notice a waterdispenserit does require plumbing it does comewith all the plumbing accessoriesthey’re really included inside thefreezer compartment I’ll have a look atthem shortly once it’s connected upsimply depress here dispenses water outthrough the little control here and wehave got a child lock simply press thatfor four seconds locks of controlsaves anyone operating it here at thefront accidently let’s have a quick lookinside the fridge at the top here we’vegot LED lighting it’s a great energysaving feature bright light all the waythrough from top to bottom we have gotadjustable shelving the tempered glassshell so it also spill proof so if youdo happen to accidentally knocksomething overcertainly wipe it up at the back here wehave active air what that does thatmonitors how often you open and closeyour fridge and it maintains a constanttemperature from top to bottom down thefront here we have a slide-out sectionand that’s for your crisper bins theyare two bins one large 1/2 3/4 size youcan remove them let’s draw your fruitand vege that has got a humidity sectionon it so simply glide from left to rightI make more humid inside that makes yourfood last longer crisper fresher downthrough the sides here we got plenty ofstorage shelving on both sides and wehave electronic controls at the sidehere we’ve got temperature settings forfridge and freezer I simply press theplus or minus key and it changes bothsettings you have got an alarm so if youdon’t close the doors properly alarmwill sound simply close the doors tostop the alarm another nice feature isthe bottle tool if you do get thatunexpected guests arriving place yourbottle of wine in the bottom of freezerpressure bottle chill it runs for about15 minutes then an alarm will soundlet’s simply take the bottle out let’shave a quick look down inside thefreezer compartment there’s a drawsystem nicely handle at the front deepstories been here the next tray slidesout towards you it’s an easy glidetelescoping runner to storage bins hereand we’ve got our icemaker down the backas it does require plumbing the plumbingis located at the back left hand cornerand it does come with all youraccessories here filter piping or toconnect your fridge up to your mainswater connection so then we have somegreat features from our Fisher PaykelFrench door fridge 2-year warranty onall parts and labor I hope this videowill assist you when shopping with us hereplies in online and don’t forget toclick on the subscribe button to watchmore product reviews just like thismodel hi I’m Mel from appliances onlineand this is makes si 3 5 MX microwave instainless steel now a customers are bigfans of this great looking microwave thereliability and value for money with the34 litre capacity the microwaveaccommodates large dinner plates makingit ideal for families looking at theoutside we have the beautiful stainlesssteel

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  1. Can anyone advise of the cost of getting the plumbing done for installing this fridge? also does the location of the fridge increase the cost of installation i.e. current fridge location is opposite side of kitchen to the sink, so with having to connect to water mains ??

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