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Samsung 528L 3 Door Fridge Model:SRF527DSLS Detailed Video Review

Samsung 528L 3 Door Fridge Model:SRF527DSLS review

hi I’m Colin from appliances onlinetoday we look at the samsung frost freefridge 528 liters is their french doorversion let’s have a look at some nicefeatures here but Laird still on thefront nice D shaped handle let’s have aquick look at the water dispenser it’s alittle flick switch here works bygravity fed from the water reservoirinside the fridge here we have got alock so you lock it stop the kids fromplaying with it so it doesn’t dispensewater onto the floor let’s have a quicklook inside at the top here we have ourtemperature setting it’s a digitaldisplay you can operate your fridge andfreezer simply as a push of a button uphere we have got a door alarm so if thedoors aren’t closed properly the alarmwill sound and simply close the doorsand it switches off the alarm inside wehave LED lighting great lighting all theway through from top to bottom we hadtempered glass spill-proof shelves whichmeans anything does happen toaccidentally fall over it’s containedhere just simply mop it up we have ourlittle jelly compartment at the fronthere and we’ve got two large crispers aswe slide these towards you it’s an easyglide system on both both left and righthand side and we have got a humiditysection 2 on both Christmas so you canmake it more or less humid inside thecrisper bin which means the moremoisture in there the fresher theveggies the last longer we have gotstorage compartments down on both sidesquite deep bins here which will takeyour four letter containers and here’sour little water tank on them undermanual filled water tank on the lefthand side here so simply fill it up fromhere it’s chilled by temperature of thefridge inside here and it’s dispensedout through the front door let’s closethat up and have a look at some featuresin the freezer let’s have a quick lookinside the freezer there’s no handle onthe front there’s a little grip on theside here simply pull it over it swingsopen like a normal freezer door with alittle hand grip down here pull ittowards you the bin slides forward andwe’ve got access to the twist ice makerso it’s a manual fill ice maker simplytwist to the right dispenses ice intothe bin here for easy access that’s anice little trick you’ll afraid thereand a storage bin down the bottom bothare clear so you can actually see what’sinside a pretty girl for casters on themto make it easier to move the fridgeforward and backand then we have lovely legs on thefront make sure we get the right angleon the fridge two year warranty on allparts and labor I hope this video willassist you when shopping with us here atappliances online and don’t forget toclick on the subscribe button to watchmore product views just like this oneyou

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