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LG 563L Side by Side Fridge Model:GC-P197HPL Detailed Video Review

LG 563L Side by Side Fridge Model:GC-P197HPL review

I am Yannick from appliances online andthis is LG’s side-by-side fridge instainless steel this is a big fridgewith a large capacity easily suitablefor a family of five looking at thefront we have the ice and waterdispenser on the front door this letsyou enjoy a refreshing water cubed iceor crushed ice instantly remember you’llneed to change the water filter everysix months immediately above thisdispenser there’s the electronic controlpanel where you can make adjustments toyour fridge and freezer temperaturesthis panel also activates the Expressfreeze option which is useful forinstantly locking in the freshness ofyour food plus there’s the child lock tokeep the kids from playing with thetemperatures on the fridge side of thedoor we have the handy home bar justopen up this little hatch for immediateaccess to your drinks inside the doorwhether that’s your everyday milk andorange juice or some chilled wine whenyou’re entertaining this also helps tokeep the fridge running efficiently withless cool air escaping when you accessthese everyday items looking inside thefridge we have several adjustable glassshelves to better hold all of your foodand drinks along with door shelves foradditional storage options there are twodeep crisper bins designed to retain themoisture from your fruits and vegetablesto keep them fresh the freezercompartment is laid out in a similar waywith shelves storage drawers and doorbins for storing your frozen food thesurfaces inside the fridge and freezercompartments are treated to limit thegrowth of bacteria which helps to keepyour food and drink fresher andhealthier and that’s the LG side-by-sidefridge with ice and water dispenser andhome bar because this fridge needs to behooked up to your home’s water supply werecommend that a qualified professionalhandles the installation for you thanksfor watching and remember to subscribeto appliances online for more helpfulappliance videos like this one hi I’mMel from appliances online and this issnakes SIII 5mx microwave in stainlesssteel now a customers are big fans ofthis great looking microwave thereliability and value for money with the34 litre capacity the microwaveaccommodates large dinner plates makingit ideal for families looking at theoutside we have the beautiful stainlesssteel

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