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Samsung 579L 3 Door Fridge Model:SRF579DLS Detailed Video Review

Samsung 579L 3 Door Fridge Model:SRF579DLS review

hi I’m Colin from appliances onlinetoday we’re looking at the Samsung 579litre French door fridge let’s have alook at some nice features here startingat the front we have layered steel itwas coated so it will repel sort offinger marks you just simply wipe itover on the opposite side we do have amanual filled water dispenser has a twoand a half liter dismiss it behind thedoor here we’ll have a look at that in asecond when you want your water so youneed to press the control here dispenseswater from the tray behind we have alittle lock so you can actually lock itso little fingers can’t play with itlet’s have a quick look inside nice LEDlight is a great lighting from top tobottom we have got tempered glassshelves they are spill proof so if youdo happen to accidentally knocksomething over some people wipe it up onthe top section here we have our littledeli compartments on a nice easy guidesystem so easy accessible for you closethat up down the bottom we’ve got ourtwo crispers they’re see-through so youcan actually see what’s inside they’resliding out toward youthat’s a nice easy glide easilyaccessible for fruit and veggies andyou’ve got a humidity control on thereas well so once you close that upmakes it more human inside so yourveggies and fruits last longer that’s anice little feature on the side here wedid mention our water dispenser so hereit’s a manual fill there’s four litersfresh water in here it’s chilled by thefridge compartment and just keep thattopped up all the time and you access itfrom the front on the side here we’vegot plenty of storage space in thebottom here we have nice deep in herefor your 4 liter containers the hosehere is for your ice maker so now thebottom will have a look at the ice makerbut at least be plumbed into your mainswater supply to generate ice cubes let’shave a quick look inside now on thebottom it’s got a release handle here orreleases attaches here blow towards youthey’re too big storage bins here and asmaller being at the top of your flatstorage pack of food and your ice makeris at the back left-hand side corner theplenty of requirements are at the backleft-hand corner about a hundred mils upin 100 mils in and these be plumbeddirectly to your mains water to generateice cubesso there we have some great features onour 579 liter Samsung French door fridge- you wanting on all parts and labor Ihope this video will assist you whenshopping with us here at applianceonline and don’t forget to click on thesubscribe button to watch more productreviews just like this onehi I’m Mel from appliances online andthis is makes siii 5mx microwave instainless steel now our customers arebig fans of this great lookingmicrowaves the reliability and value formoney with the 34 litre capacity themicrowave accommodates large dinnerplates making it ideal for familieslooking at the outside we have thebeautiful stainless steel

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