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Samsung 580L Side By Side Fridge Model:SRS580DHLS Detailed Video Review

Samsung 580L Side By Side Fridge Model:SRS580DHLS review

hi I’m Colin from appliances onlinetoday with the Samsung side-by-sidefridge 582 litre capacity that’s settledwith some nice features here at thefront we have layered steel so it’s anice easy wipe clean finish we have aservice over here and with the ice andwater dispenser this start with theservery this is the Mittal push hereLED lighting gives you easy access toall your drink and condiments at thefront here you can actually use this forserving on give it a simple wipe down ifit gets dirty on the far side we had ourdispenser which operates our water icecrushed and cubed we’ve got a nice blueLED display here so here we have fridgetemperature setting here fridge andfreezer you can change the setting up asimple push of the button same thingwith the freezer compartment you canchange a simple push of a button you canaccess your ice cubes crushed water allthrough the front controls here up herewe’ve got a vacation mode so if you aregoing away it’s a nice energy-savingfeature means that the doors are notgoing to be open and closed so often soit then saves on electricity and powerwe have a fast freeze or snap freezehere so if you can even put a lot offresh food in the freezer compartment itdrops down to a very low temperature forabout 12 hours and reverts back to itsnormal setting let’s have a quick lookinside the fridge so straight away we’vegot some great LED lighting all the wayfrom the top to the bottom within thefridge and the freezer at the top herewe have our adjustable shelving you knowjust what’s showing right throughout thefridge we have tempered glass shelvesthey are spill proof so if somethingdoes accidentally knock overyou can simply mop it up down here wehave our wine rack you can take that outif you don’t require it or you’ll simplyput your bottles of wine in here keepsit nice and cool down the bottom we’vegot our crisper bins telescopic runnerson them so it pulls all the way outgives you an easy access to you if yourfruit and veg down the bottom now inhere when you do unbox your fridge comeswith your filter and we give piping ofcourse it needs direct feed to yourmains water connection or the pipe andfittings come supplied with it sothey’re in here and the Chrisman downthe bottom we’ve got a smaller crisperbin not quite as deep here because we’vegot our compressor right behindon the left hand side top here we haveour ice making machine so the water isfed into here generates your ice intothe dispenser here and it comes outthrough the chute to the front of thefridgewe have tempered glass shelves here andhere and down both the freezer andfridge we have plenty of storage spacethis just close that up there we have itour Samsung side-by-side fridge 500liter liter 2-year warranty on all partsand labor I hope this video will assistyou in shopping with us here atappliances online don’t forget to clickon the subscribe button watch moreproduct reviews just like this one hiI’m Mel from appliances online and thisis makes sa3 5mx microwave in stainlesssteel now a customers are big fans ofthis great-looking microwaves thereliability and value for money with the34 litre capacity the microwaveaccommodates large dinner plates makingit ideal for families looking at theoutside we have the beautiful stainless

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  1. awesome>>> it runs beautifully, has a lot of storage and is well configured as to interior layout. It has excellent lighting. Really like the lock on the in door ice/water feature

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