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Beko 584L 4 Door Fridge Model:GNE134620X Detailed Video Review

Beko 584L 4 Door Fridge Model:GNE134620X review

today looking at the Beco Ford or Frenchdoor fridge now it’s 584 liters offridge and freezer combined let’s have aquick look at the fridge here is astainless steel or marked for instainless you got your pole handlesright down from top to bottom again icemaking controls here on the left handside you’ll notice this four displayshere of temperature settings one beingfor the fridge left hand freezer andright hand freezer so you got toseparate fries and controls here thishave a quick look inside you getbeautiful lighting LED so it’s veryenergy-efficient all these modernfridges use on our 600 a gas so itsenergy efficient gas so LED lightingright from top to bottom gives youplenty of lighting all the way throughtempered glass shelves so if we spillanything over you can mop it up herenice and easy the shelves here areadjustable it’s slide out so becauseit’s quite deep gives you the easyaccess into your food now you’ll noticeat the back here we’ve got metal onmetal connections that’s very strong soa lot of weight can be held on thereagain nice and wide large platters nicebig shelving here it is adjustable onthe side so you can adjust it up anddown and whips off here also temperedglass crispers we’ve got four up so wehave plenty of storage space throughoutthe whole fridge begin for your everydaythe meats and your fruit and veg downthe bottom you know they can easy glideroller so a lot of weight on that not aproblem there were simple clothes backup again on the size of door here fromthe top storage compartment gimpy cheeseand dairy compartments nice little shophere for little storage compartment foryour knickknacks eggs and again plentyof shoving down the bottom here for yourlarge contains of bottles of juices ormilk if we just close this up we’ll godown one step further let’s have a lookinside the freezer here for largestorage bins again the top left-handside is that’s where your ice-makingmachine is so yes it do require plumbingthe storage compartment here on theother side again and then two largesteep storage bins here there easy glideagain so we’ll accept a lot of weight sowhen you do put that heavy product inthere easy clothes now let’s have a lookat the right side of our friesnow they are forced three separate zonesso you have your separate fridgetemperature this is a separate zone hereyou can see up on your freezer sectionhere on the left hand side you have aseparate temperature zone for the sideof the fridge so down here again totallyfrost free you have a shelf with twolarge bins and you can make that as Isay separate section there for all yourfrozen food maybe packet food orwhatever let’s have a quick lookupstairs again the dispenser itself isquite high as you see here so if youwant to put large jug or mugs in thereor containers not a problem you’ve got amicro switch here just a sense of touchand you got plenty of height now moveyour cross two on the right hand sidewe’ve now got a serve rebar you’ll likethis here we go remember that beautifulnice little sorry for parties kidsdrinks easy access here we don’t have tokeep opening close to the door that alsomakes this fridge energy-efficient

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5 Replies to “Beko 584L 4 Door Fridge Model:GNE134620X Detailed Video Review

  1. Stay away from Beko appliances, my refrigerator broke the first day flooding my kitchen and taken several weeks to be repaired my range broke a few weeks later and after 7 months and several visits from technicians, I still don’t have a working range

  2. Please help me, I have the new one Beko at home and I can´t find info in manual, how to make an ice. There is only button Stop ice/Quick freeze. Is automatic? Thanks.

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