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Samsung 584L Side By Side Fridge Model:SRS583NLS Video Review

Samsung 584L Side By Side Fridge Model:SRS583NLS review

hi I’m Colin from science online todaywith a Samsung side-by-side fridge the584 liter this has got the layered steelfront hood so it’s nice and easy to keepcleanlovely molded handles on the side hereand we’ve got a blue LED display whichoperates through the front here yourtemperature for fridge and freezer soonce you press the button it lights upit displays the temperature for bothfridge and freezer and you can simplyadjust that by simply pressing thebutton here to alter the fridge andfreezer temperature that’s got some nicelittle features there also a child lockso if you want to keep the kids outthree seconds and willing to activate achild lock and give it a little symbolup here there’s a little keypad let’shave a quick look inside the fridge andfreezer so straight away we can see somebeautiful Lighting’s LED lighting sonice lighting all the way through greatenergy-saving features we have gottempered glass shelves all the waythrough the fridge and through thefreezer compartment if anything doesspill over you can simply mop it up wehave got two large crisps down thebottom they are see-through so you canactually see what’s inside them and theneasy glide system so it comes outtowards it gives you easy access to toyour fruit and veg one down the model alittle bit smaller because thecompressor is located behind this mindown through the shelves here we areplenty of room here and then quitedeeply hold meat containers and bottleson the left hand side the freezercompartmentLED lighting all the way throughtempered glass shelves we have got amanual icemaker it’s a twist ice make usand once you put your water in there hasformed twist to the right it falls intothe dispenser tray here and you use thatserve from here or serve at the tableit’s a nice little feature to littlestorage bins down the bottom for yourbulk food and plenty of shelving downthrough the freezer compartment here itis a twin cooling system that means thatwe don’t transfer air from fridge tofreezer so you’re not interacting withflavors or smells coming in from onesection to the other it’s a great littlefeature from Samsung it’s quite shallowit just plugs into a normal power pointMatson is on casters so you can move thefridge forward and backwards so there wehave it some great features Samsung toURT on all parts and labor I hope thisvideo will assist you when shopping withus here at appliances align and don’tforget thelike on the subscribe button to watchmore product reviews just like this onehi I’m Mel from appliances online andthis is Meg’s siii 5 MX microwave instainless steel now a customers are bigfans of this great-looking microwavesreliability and value for money with the34 litre capacity the microwaveaccommodates large dinner plates makingit ideal for families looking at theoutside we have the beautiful stainlesssteel

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7 Replies to “Samsung 584L Side By Side Fridge Model:SRS583NLS Video Review

  1. I have this one . It consume too much electricity. In every two year it consume electricity worth cost of this refregeretor

  2. how to use only one side of this refrigerator can u explain it plzzz,i.e how to turn off completely of one side of fridge

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