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Westinghouse 600L Side By Side Fridge Model:WSE6070SF Video Review

Westinghouse 600L Side By Side Fridge Model:WSE6070SF review

hi I’m Colin from appliances onlinetoday we’re looking at the Westinghouseside-by-side 600 litre fridge let’s havea look at some nice features here it’savailable in white and stainless steelas you see here down the front here wehave pull handles all the way down but anice firm grip on the far side we haveour dispenser for ice and water it’s anice blue display here we can adjust thetemperature from fridge and freezer asimple push button at a glance thattells you what temperature is in thefridge and freezer we can operate thecontrols here for ice and water as wellas a nice little holiday mode so knowit’s eco mode let’s have a quick lookinside at the back we’ve gotincandescent lighting that goes all theway through we have a little wine rackthere so you can Li use that for yourwine bottles or drinks you can take thatout to give your extra storage space wehave a little deli compartment herewhich slides forward we have temperedglass showing they are adjustable andalso spill proof so if you do notanything I ever accidentally simply mopit up down the bottom we have our twocrisper bins they are see-through so youcan see what’s inside here when yourfridge arrives you have got your filterand plumbing accessories also includedit needs to be connected to your mainswater connection which is located at theback left-hand corner front control hereis our humidity sex with simply glidethat forward on backwards it makes itmore humid in there means your veggiesgoing to last longer the bottom Crispiannot quite as deep as the one above wehave our compressor right behind so itstill gives a nice easy access to fruitand veggies now compartment in here inthe freezer we have an incandescentglobe all the way through the shelvinghere is tempered glass also spill-proofdown the bottom two basketsplenty of storage space on the size ofoutdoors our fridge and freezer thissection here is our icemakerso everything’s dispenses from here ismade here the fridge is on casters soyou can simply move the fridge forwardand backwards the front casters here areadjustable so make sure our fridge is atthe right level simply plugs into anormal power point and then we have ourwestinghouse side-by-side 600 litrefrost free fridge 2-year warranty on allparts and laborI hope this video assist you whenshopping with us here at appliancesonline don’t forget to click on thesubscribe button watch more productreviews just like this onehi I’m Mel from appliances online andthis is snakes si 3 5 MX microwave instainless steel now a customers are bigfans of this great looking microwave thereliability and value for money with the34 litre capacity the microwaveaccommodates large dinner plates makingit ideal for families looking at theoutside we have the beautiful stainlesssteel

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  1. Potential buyers should check Product Review in relation to these frigs.  I would be checking whether they are still using inferior water pipes as they are a big problem on previous models and they charge you to fix up their faults

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