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600mm 60cm Westinghouse Electric Wall Oven PGR659S Reviewed by product expert – Appliances Online

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hi I’m Mel from appliances online and today we’re looking at the westinghouse electric wall oven the PGR 659 s which is part of their boss range with its huge 80 litre gross capacity it’s the perfect size for a family home this oven offers greater flexibility with its separate grill here at the top you can bacon grill simultaneously which is ideal for when you are entertaining having a separate oven and grill also means odors don’t transfer between foods during the cooking process now as we take a look at the control panel here you can see that the left-hand side controls the main oven while the right hand controls the grill which again is located here at the top the far left knob is the control function selector the main oven has five cooking functions ranging from fantasies which circulates the hot air around the oven cavity so you can simultaneously cook multiple dishes on different levels the base heat as extra browning to the basis of pizzas pies and pastries now the next one across is the temperature selector just simply turn the knob to your desired temperature we then have the clear electronic display just in the middle here with a programmable timer and then the grill control on the right here both doors have the sleek d-shape handles that have a nice smooth grip and are really easy to grab hold of the main oven door has three layers of glass which keeps heat within the oven helping to cut down cooking time as there is no wasted heat it also keeps the outside of the oven cool let’s take a look inside the main oven so as you can see it’s quite large in here with an 80 litre capacity perfect for Sunday roast it also has smooth enamel interior with no rough edges making it a breeze to wipe clean taking a look at the included accessories this model comes with a full width baking tray great for scones and biscuits and to wire racks making this oven an even better addition to any Australian kitchen now as we take a look at the grill you’ll see that it comes with two levels of shelves with an anti sputter grill insert which can also be taken out and move to the main oven if need be this Westinghouse oven is Australian made and was designed to be extremely quiet and have low heat emissions all Westinghouse boss models also feature a class energy efficiency to the European Standard so there you have it the sleek and versatile westinghouse electric wall oven i hope this video will assist you when shopping with us here at appliances online and please don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for other product reviews just like this one hi I’m Mel from appliances online and this is snakes siii 5m x microwave in stainless steel now our customers are big fans of this great-looking microwaves the reliability and value for money with a 34 liter capacity the microwave accommodates large dinner plates making it ideal for families looking at the outside we have the beautiful stainless steel

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