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Smeg 608L Side by Side Fridge Model:SR610X Detailed Video Review

Smeg 608L Side by Side Fridge Model:SR610X review

today we’re looking at this me sr6 10xthat’s 610 litres frost-free it isstainless steel and is marked freestainless steel as well some nicefeatures this nice squared off edges thehinge the door goes right to the top soit does cover those hinges up the polehandle all the way down to the bottomit’s a nice sturdy grip on it on theleft hand side you’ll notice you’ve gotyour ice maker LED display on here whicheliminates your crush you cube yourwater nice tall dispenser as well so ifyou wanna put your big containers andjugs in there not a problem whatsoeverseparated by a small micro switch aswell let’s have a look inside the fridgeso I’m here on the left hand side we’vegot our ice maker as you see here thatsuspense is your crush and cube into thecontainer here which comes out the frontof the door tempered glass shells allthe way through and you’ve got two twobig storage bins down the bottom as wellfor me big frozen veg let’s have a lookon the right hand side go from the topherenice deep section for storage at the topagainnice little hideaway section here littlestorage container in there as welldeep bin here so I’ve got too big forlady juicers not a problem we’ll go onthe side of the door and then you’ve gotsmaller showing as you go down throughthe compartments you know looking at theback here inside the top with a easyaccess for replacing your filter so it’snice and easy to get to you don’t haveto pull the fridge out lighting all theway through top the bottom the temperedglass shell so very strong if you dohappen to spill anything it retains inthat area so it’s easy to mop up itdoesn’t go from shelf to shelfadjustable shelving all the way throughand you’ve got two large and deepstorage containers player for your freshbenchyou

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