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Smeg 608L Side by Side Fridge Model:SR620X Detailed Video Review

Smeg 608L Side by Side Fridge Model:SR620X review

today we’re looking at the semi 620 Xfrost-free mark 3 stainless steel fullpole length handle from top to bottomnow on the left-hand side here you’llnotice you’ve got your base makingmachine it comes up with a beautiful LEDdisplay it comes up with temperature offridge and freezeryou’ve got the selector of cubed andwater and touch your button it’s a nicetall dispenser as well so it’ll put bigjugs in itnot a problem a nice little feature hereyou gonna love this ready look at thatisn’t that lovelyit’s a sue every bar drinks kids drinkseasy access the kids don’t have to keepcoming to the fridge door to leave itopen put it in here easy access for themso let’s have a look inside on the lefthand side you’ve got your freezer frostfree ice making facility here temperedglass shelves again at their very strongshelving down the bottom you’ll noticetwo big storage bins as well so let’spull all your large frozen veg on theside of your door here you’ll noticeyou’ve got you shoot here pull your icecubes crushed and cubed and you’ve gotstorage compartments down here as welland that’s for these smaller packets offrozen veg it’s had a quick look on theside here again nice big access here forthe top shop little storage compartmentin here and again plenty of shelvingdown the bottom for really littleknickknacks at the back you’ll noticeyou’ve got your light in your filternice and easy access here so when itcomes time to replace it you don’t haveto go around the back of the fridgestraight here right hand top cornertempered glass shelves all the waythrough nice and strong to support a lotof weight and if you do spill anythingover there over this section here youcan easily mop it up it doesn’t go fromshelf to shelf okay look at thatbeep clatters and not a problem justmake fresh it’ll take big platters downthe bottom not too deep containers hereas well and you that’ll be fully overyour fruit and veg in there so you’vegot plenty of room throughout the wholefridge

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