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60cm Westinghouse Gas Wall Oven GOR474S reviewed by expert – Appliances Online

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hi I’m Yannick from appliances online and this is the Westinghouse 60 centimeter gas wall oven made in Australia and finished in stainless steel this oven has been designed to offer powerful cooking performance while running quietly and emitting less external heat providing you with a more comfortable kitchen environment as wall oven it uses your kitchens available space efficiently while offering 80 litres of gross cooking capacity for efficient meal preparation looking at the control panel we can see this oven has classic dial controls so you can choose your cooking temperature and oven function there’s also a timer allowing you to set the oven to switch itself off after a set period of up to 2 hours these are all very simple to use looking at the door we have layered glass to help keep the surface cooler while the oven is running looking inside a cavity the interior surfaces are acid resistant enamel designed to be easy to clean at the back of the oven cavity you can see the large fan this keeps the hot air circulating through the oven so all your food can be evenly cooked even if you have dishes on different shelves when you’re installing this oven it’s electricals use a 10 amp plug and lead connection and it also connects to your home’s natural gas supply we always recommend having a qualified professional handle your installation and this is the westinghouse gas wall lovin offering powerful and reliable cooking and simple controls thanks for watching and remember to subscribe to appliances online for more helpful appliance videos like this one hi I’m Mel from appliances online and this is makes SIII 5mx microwave in stainless steel now a customers are big fans of this great looking microwave the reliability and value for money with the 34 litre capacity the microwave accommodates large dinner plates making it ideal for families looking at the outside we have the beautiful stainless steel

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