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Beko 610L 4 Door Fridge Model:GNE60520DX Detailed Video Review

Beko 610L 4 Door Fridge Model:GNE60520DX review

today we look at the Beco French doorfridge the GE 605 200 stainless steel sohere we have the dispenser on theleft-hand side again with the fridge andfreezer temperature again it’s a largedispenser here as well again nice andeasy to use the micro switch in there aswell so it’s nice and flush again easyto wipe down a little storagecompartment down here for your overspills as well just here a little trayyou can take that out nice and easy foolhandles here so again good grips on themlet’s have a quick look inside again LEDlighting in here as well so it’s veryvery energy-efficient solid shelves theyare tempered glassso again if you spill anything easy wipeit over they are manually adjust youslide out slide it up to your nextposition so gives you plenty of roombetween your shelves price free with theside lighting right through you’ve gotthe blue lights down the bottom which isa little bit unique the active bluelight when the doors are closed theyretain on position again still energyefficient because the LEDs but what itdoes do is make the veggies last alittle bit longer it can even prove thequality of the veggies as well so on theside of our doors here we’ve got plentyof storage for our cheese and dairycompartments putting a storage here forlittle knickknacks and condiments sameon the right hand side almost aduplication slightly bigger shelvinghere for your larger bottles inside hereas well inside the fridge you’ll see twolarge storage compartments here andthat’s for you everyday meats and twolarge bins here for your fresh veg let’shave a quick look downstairs ok lookingdown to the freezers here we’ve got twocompartments the first one here you seestorage for your ice again littledivider so you can divide your foodparticles up top bin again plenty ofroom here for storage again the plentyof dividers can you divide the two areasup now with the fridge too it also has awhat they call our active cooling systemso again we don’t get smells going fromfridge to freezeryou

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