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Westinghouse 610L Side By Side Fridge Model:WSE6100SF Video Review

Westinghouse 610L Side By Side Fridge Model:WSE6100SF review

hi i’m colin compliance online todaywe’re looking at the westinghouse 610letter side by side fridge available inwhite and stainless steel as you seehere some nice features here we’ve gotpole handle all the way down let’s havea look inside the fridge here we havelight here in the fridge compartment sonice lighting all the way through it waselectronic control so they’re operatedat the back there just above the lightthat operates your freezer and fridgecity and here we have a little wine rackyou can move that throughout the fridgecompartment or take me totally take itout all together we have tempered glassshelves all the way through and we’vegot a nice little deli contain here inthe front easy glide towards you so it’slike a seven-day meet people we haveplenty of storage space right throughthe fridge door here from top to bottombuild airy compartments we’ll take yourlarge size four little containers in thedoors down the bottom we’ve got two nicedeep storage bins the easy glides wardyou it has got a little humidifier onthe front here let’s keep your foodcrisper for longer that’s a nice littlefeature stories bend down the bottom notquite as deep because we’ve got thecompressor right behind down through ourfreezer compartment here we’ve gotshelving here tempered glass shelvesthey asked bill proof so if anythingdoes fall over simply wipe it up up thetop here with our twist ice maker it’s amanual ice maker once the ice is formedtwist to the right that alarm you heardthat’s alarm saying we’ve left the doorsopen so here we go just close them upthe fridges on rollers your four rollersto fixed at the back and two at thefront which are adjustable allows you tolevel the fridge up simply plugs into anormal power point there we have it somegreat features from our Westinghouse 610liter available and white and stainlesssteel 2-year warranty on all parts andlabor I hope this video will assist youwhen shopping with us here at applianceto the line don’t forget to click on thesubscribe button to watch more productreviews just like this one hi I’m Melfrom appliances online and this is makessiii 5mx microwave in stainless steelnow a customers are big fans of thisgreat looking microwave the reliabilityand value for money with the 34 litrecapacity the microwave accommodateslarge dinner plates making it idealfour families looking at the outside wehave the beautiful stainless steel

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