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Fisher & Paykel 614L 3 Door Fridge Model:RF610ADUX3 Video Review

Fisher & Paykel 614L 3 Door Fridge Model:RF610ADUX3 review

today we’re looking at the Fisher PaykelFrench door fridge stainless steel itsmark three stainless steel it’s the RFsix one oh let’s do some nice featuresabout this model so we have mark threestainless steel it’s a flap doors on thefront here designer handles now thesehandles match the ovens theirdishwashers as well so they can make awhole family product as well let’s havea look at the ice making machine here sohere it’s nice flush mouth control Imean some of the nice little features onhere we have the chilled bottledispenser so if you want to put bowls ofwine inside you can set how long for theduration of time for it as well we havea snap freeze for all your frozen foodsso put the food in it set yourtemperature here as well for all yourfresh food that you want to snap freezenext one is your fridge and freezertemperature so you can select whattemperature you want in both sections ofthe fridge and the freezer a little pushthe button and select a temperature heregoing on to ice tubes as well you canselect yeah on and off as well let’shave a look inside the fridge so insidehere we’ll see energy-saving LEDlighting nice lighting all the waythrough from top to bottom adjustableshelves right down through the side fromtop to bottomwe had tempered glass shelves again niceand strong you got three lots of shelvesdown the bottom we have two lots ofChristmas as well and easy glide outdrawers so for those bulky foods heavyfoods little ice beautifully on the bothrunners on the sides your doorsyou’ve got dispensers here for storageof cheese and dairy plenty of storagespaces right now and here evil two largebottles in here but separate dividers insame on the other side again separatecontainers here for cheese butter againseparate containers here for again foryour logic and bottles of juices milkslet’s have a look at the an stairs againLED lighting so it’s nice lightinginside here again going for thatenergy-saving deep storage being here onthe bottom for your large bulky food inthe top of here we have containers forother meats and frozen foods and alittle ice storage container here now ithas got ice and water now it’s notcrushed or cubed it’s pretty much cubesstraight here in the container here itdoesn’t come out through the chute itdoes requireto be plumbed in so get your plumberorganized there the plumbing is locatedthe back left-hand corner of your fridgeas you face in the fridge so in regardsto your water and ice once you’ve gotyour playing organized and get thatorganized through your plumber bringyour piping in preferably put the tapconnection to the right or left notbehind the fridge so if you have madethe cupboards for this unit it’s bestnot to tap boiling water taken behind itotherwise the fridge make protrude alittle bit further out so your waterconnection here just a quick releaseconnection so it’s very simple to usecomes with own filter and waterconnections with the actual unit to gofrom the tap to here there’s pretty muchyour water and ice making

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