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LG 615L 3 Door Fridge Model:GRL218ASL Detailed Video Review

LG 615L 3 Door Fridge Model:GRL218ASL review

hi I’m Colin from appliances onlinetoday we’re looking at the LG Frenchdoor fridge 615 liters let’s settle withsome nice features at the front here wehave stainless steel all the way throughwe have a nice D shaped handle quitefirm let’s take a closer look at the icedispenser on the far side it’s nice andtall so we’ll accept your largecontainers or tall glasses the waterswitch is here it’s a micro switch thewater comes out from the top here andthe ice crush your cube select it fromthe back here a nice little micro switchand got a little dispenser here if youdo overflow it water goes in here overthe far side here we’ve got our LEDdisplay you can change the temperaturefor fridge and freezer from the fronthere you got our ice crust or cubedfridge temperature and freezertemperature at a flick of a switchthat’s got a door alarm on it so if youdo leave the doors at slightly ajar thealarm will sound to let you know thatdoors are open and just close them upevery sets the alarm let’s have a closerlook inside now I speak opening hereplenty of shelving down both sides abouttempered glass shelvesthese are slide forward shelves becauseit is quite deep so you’re bringing allthe food towards you you don’t have toreach all the way back to the fridge wehave a split shelf here so if you’ve gottall items slide the Shelf back and itgives you more height here on top of thecrisper we have another glass shelf youcan use that for extra storage space LEDlighting all the way through soilluminates from top to bottom front toback we’ve got metal connections herefor the shelves they’re nice and strongthe clips the shelves in air flow multiair flow all the way through so you geteven airflow from top to bottom down thebottom here we have our seven-day meatkeeper you have a temperature settinghere so you can alter the temperatureinside this area straight away we seesome accessories that come with thefridge this is an extra piping for thewater supply and it comes with filter soyou’re filtering your water to your unitthey’re always even here when you openup your refrigerator so that’s easyaccess so you don’t forget them on theside of the door here we have ouricemaker it’s a nice slim design itdoesn’t protrude inside the fridge andtake up more room here it’s located inthe side of the door right here justlike the handle towards you and there’syour ice making machineall your ice is made here falls in thecontainer you can take that containerout and use that ice for serving at thetable yeah locks up nice and easy readyto go again let’s have a quick lookinside the freezer compartment nice Dshaped handle which matches the fridgedoors pull it out towards you yeptwo nice big sized deep bins here adivider in between them and will slideout drawer here for all your flat packetfood little storage container here youcan use that to serve up at the tableusing the ice from the ice makerstraight in here serve at the table nicelittle accessory the fridge itself isquite bigoverall it width and depth so make sureyou got plenty of room right around thefridge give yourself a couple ofcentimeters for air space just plug itinto a normal power point there isrollers on it so you can move the fridgeforward and back in position and you gotadjustable feet at the front thecompressor itself is a digital invertermotor so it uses less energy that’s agreat saving feature LG fridge has twoyou already at all parts and labor Ihope this video will assist you whenshopping with us here at appliancesonline don’t forget to click on thesubscribe button to watch more productreviews just like this one hi I’m Melfrom appliances online and this is makessiii 5mx microwave in stainless steelnow our customers are big fans of thisgreat-looking microwaves reliability andvalue for money with the 34 litrecapacity the microwave accommodateslarge dinner plates making it ideal forfamilies looking at the outside we havethe beautiful stainless steel

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