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Samsung 636L Side by Side Fridge Model:SRS636SCLS Detailed Video Review

Samsung 636L Side by Side Fridge Model:SRS636SCLS review

hi I’m Mel from appliances online and today we’re looking at the SRS six three 6s CLS 636 litre side by side fridge from Samsung featuring an elegant stainless steel finish and Samsung’s efficient digital inverter technology this fridge is a welcome addition to any kitchen at 636 liters in volume this is a perfect size fridge to suit a household of five or more people now before you buy remember to measure your kitchens available space to see if the fridge will fit leaving a little bit of extra room around the sides and the rear for ventilation known as the food showcase this Samsung side-by-side fridge offers enough storage space to easily cater for a large family while providing convenient access to everyday items in addition to the ice and water dispenser which are located on the freezer door the fridges showcase door provides instant access to snacks with everything kept consistently cool by Samsung’s signature technology you can rely on this fridges performance whether you’re feeding a family or entertaining guests while some other fridges features a small hatch in their door to provide handy access to drinks and other everyday items this Samsung fridges entire door is used to conveniently access treats this is also a great way to display your featured foods and drinks leaving larger items to be stored in the fridges rear section now let’s take a better look inside the fridge in addition to the door this Samsung fridge is full of handy storage features it contains multiple easy slide drawers for storing fruits and vegetables and other items the fridge section also features a sliding glass shelf now this is great to create more room for storing taller items such as bottles there is also a removable wine bottle rack and six large door shelves which will easily hold large milk and juice cartons as well as smaller condiment jars the freezer also offers brilliant storage solutions with three door shelves for smaller items for glass shelves and two easy slide clear freezer bins you can now organize your freezer without the clutter both the fridge and freezer sections feature all-round cooling helping to keep your food fresh drinks chilled and frozen goods frosty powered by the reliable Samsung inverter motor you can count on the performance of this appliance with power call and freeze functions available for quickly locking freshness in and the Samsung 636 liters side-by-side fridge thank you so much for watching and don’t forget to hit the subscribe button to watch more product reviews just like this one you

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2 Replies to “Samsung 636L Side by Side Fridge Model:SRS636SCLS Detailed Video Review

  1. awesome>>> it runs beautifully, has a lot of storage and is well configured as to interior layout. It has excellent lighting. Really like the lock on the in door ice/water feature

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