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Midea Oven Model:65DME40106-BK Detailed Video Review

Midea Oven Model:65DME40106-BK review

ideal for larger households this 70 liter fan-forced oven from my dear is beautiful and practical for homes that need to feed a lot of mouths the black laughs an anti fingerprint stainless-steel trimmings will look stunning in any Australian household while the five functions including defrost and internal light will help you cook and view a variety of dishes with ease fan-forced ovens guarantee the same temperature on every oven shelf thanks to its heating element around the fan so you can be confident whether your food is on the top bottom or middle shelf that’ll be cooked to perfection this feature is also ideal for fast cooking at higher temperatures as well as when you need to cook several dishes at the same time using the same temperature the mechanical controls are easy to use and the three dials up here let you navigate through the ovens different functions temperature and countdown timer the forwards handle here is stylish and also convenient while the triple glazed oven door and cavity cooling system ensures the majority of the heat stays within the oven during operation as well as keeps the outside of the oven cooler which helps avoid accidental burns it also helps during those hot Australian summers where you’re cooking in an already hot kitchen and the last thing that you want is your oven contributing to the heat a telescopic rail is featured within the oven making loading and unloading of heavier dishes a lot easier while included trays and full size Grill racks make cooking different dishes hassle-free and thanks for self-cleaning catalytic liners that absorb food splashes to be vaporized during high temperature cooking the oven is also very simple to maintain with these great features and an A Class energy rating and a two-year warranty this 70 liter fan-forced oven from my dear will make a great addition to any Australian kitchen thanks so much for watching and of course don’t forget to type in your delivery postcode into the delivery and installation info box on the product page to see if you’re eligible for free delivery

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