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Bosch 665L Side By Side Fridge Model:KAD62V70AU Detailed Video Review

Bosch 665L Side By Side Fridge Model:KAD62V70AU review

today we’ll hit the Bosch kad 62 V at665 there’s a frost-free fridge at thefront marked three stainless steel wholehandles all the way through on the lefthere you’ll notice you got your icemaker now it doesn’t need to be plumbedin then we got your under control hereit’s an LED display you’ll have yourwater dispenser you’ve got your crushedand cube switch and light switch as wellnice and deep here for you littlecontainers there’s some micro switch onthere as well so it’s a nice easy actionlet’s have a quick look inside solooking at the freezer on the left handside here we start with the ice makingthe machine down through all yourshelving it through here and which istempered glass shelving two largestorage bins down the bottom on the lefton the freezer door we have thecontainer generates your ice and waterdown through the chutewe’ve got adjustable got adjustableshelving on the left hand side that’swhere all your frozen bench let’s have alittle bit fridge side now it came fromtop to bottom storage here for you buthuh going through your deep containersagain quite deep here for your 4 litercontainers a little bit of a rack herefor your eggs plenty of shelving downthere with small condiments down thebottom as well now looking into thefridge compartment the back here we’vegot lighting right through straightthrough from top to bottom some greatlighting the Bosch tempered glassshelves so if you do spill in you thinkit’ll retain in that area just mop it upmakes them nice and easyshelving an adjustable right way throughit’s a nice little meat container hereso everyday meats and easy accessdownstream is vital further you got to -deep storage bins so your your foodfresh food compartment down the bottomit’ll keep them nice and fresh crisperlonger for you as well so that’s prettymuch our Bosch refrigerator

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