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Bosch 678L Side By Side Fridge Model:KAN62V40AU Video Review

Bosch 678L Side By Side Fridge Model:KAN62V40AU review

hi I’m Colin from appliances onlinetoday we’re looking at the Boschside-by-side fridge available in whiteand platinum silver as you see here somepeople like the platinum it doesn’t showfinger marks on the front here’s alittle bit of an alternative stainlesssteel full-length handle down throughthe front and we’ve got our temperaturesetting for fridge and freezer right infront here it’s a touch button and has ared LED display simply push the buttonand we can change the setting of fridgeand freezer from the front control panelnicely nice little feature there fromBosch let’s have a quick look inside thefridge at the top here just to give youa little tip there is an on/off switchsomething a little bit different toother brands simply press the button onor off here if you do plug the machinein the lights are out fresh littleswitch here we have incandescent globeshere which like all the way through wehave multi flow air flow that meansyou’ve got even flow of air from top tobottom tempered glass shells which areadjustable and spill proof so if you dohappen to knock something oversimply mop it up we have plenty ofshelving down through the sidesthey are quite deep little egg trayscome with them we have to adjust bothshelving on the side of the freezer allthe way down here tempered glass shelvesin the freezer it is totally frost freea manual twist icemakerso once you fill it up the ice is gonesimply twist it to the right and itdispenses the ice into contain here youcan serve from here or take that to thetable on the freezer side with two nicedeep storage bins for your bulk foodsmaller one on the bottom this side heregot two nice deep crisper bins your owntelescoping runners most other brandsstop about halfway in so this pointcomes all the way up and gives youeasier access to your foodslightly smaller one on the bottom itstill comes all the way yet and you’vegot great access okay let’s haveChristmas being down the bottomlet’s close the doors up for you thepreacher has got casters front and backso you can move the fridge into positiononce they are simply level the frig upso the doors are nice and level at thefront plugs simply into a normal powerpoint and has 2-year warranty on allparts and labor I hope this video willassist you when shopping with us hereappliances online don’t forget to clickon the subscribe button watch moreproduct of use just like this one hi I’mMel from appliances online and this issnakes si 3 5 MX microwave in stainlesssteel now our customers are big fans ofthis great looking microwave thereliability and value for money with the34 litre capacity the microwaveaccommodates large dinner plates makingit ideal for families looking at theoutside we have the beautiful stainlesssteel

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3 Replies to “Bosch 678L Side By Side Fridge Model:KAN62V40AU Video Review

  1. awesome>>> it runs beautifully, has a lot of storage and is well configured as to interior layout. It has excellent lighting. Really like the lock on the in door ice/water feature

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