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Samsung 680L 4 Door Fridge Model:SRF680CDLS Detailed Video Review

Samsung 680L 4 Door Fridge Model:SRF680CDLS review

hi I’m Colin from planters online todaywe’ll look at the Samsung French doorfridge 680 liters in capacity let’s havea little some nice features at the fronthere we have layered steel that’s got acoating over it so it makes it nice andeasy to keep cleanthese shaped handles right through outon the far side here we have ourdispenser for ice and water it doesrequire plumbing and it is connected toyour mains water all that plumbingaccessories are provided with the fridgewe’ll have a look at that shortly let’shave a closer look at the dispenser overhere we have our temperature settingsfor fridge and freezer so at a glanceyou can change the temperature betweenthe two super push of the button herechange the temperature and the samething with the freezer to select waterice we simply press the buttons here forice or water when you want to select itsimply depress here there are our microswitches on both soon so it’s a niceflicks switch here is quite tall so itwill take those large containers let’shave a quick look inside the fridge wegot plenty of lighting throughout thefridge from the top and also sidelighting the shelves here a temperedglassthey are spill proof so it anything doeshappen in the fall oversimply mop it up on the right hand sidehere we had a split shelf first one wepush it back we’ve got plenty of roomhere for tall items back further givesyou much more roof maybe there’s bigcontainers glass shelf here with crisperbins we just glide out beautifullytowards you gives you easy access toyour fruit and veg it has got humiditycontrollers on both sections so simplyselect low or high humidity the reasonfor that is we make the food last longerit stays crisper down the bottom we haveour water filled up so when it’s time tochange it it will tell you on the frontcontrol when to change the filter willgo red so you take the water fill out dopurchase it from Samsung as areplacement filter simply go straightback in quarter return it’s locked backin positionbut pray or shoving down through bothsides of the fridge doors and we’ll haveenough room there to fit your large fourliter containers up here we have our icemaker so as its plumbed in water goeshere generates ice and it goes downthrough this chute and you access thatfrom the frontnow plumbing accessories thatright with the fridge and thatconnection is located at the backleft-hand corner so there we have ourpipes and connections there let’s have aquick look down at the Flexi draw zshaped handle next is the rest of thefridge we have a divider here so we canmove that divider to sweep whateverwe’re putting inside here we have fourdifferent settings from minus 1 to 5degrees so whether you’re doing winedeliyou’ve got drinks or even meat or fishthey’re preset settings simply selectone you wantarrange your basket in here and away yougo the inbuilt sensors will keep it atthe right temperature for you going downfurther to our freezer but two sectionshere the first section before were yourflat packet meat slide that back were tovery very deep bins with a divider inthe center so it gives you easy accessto all your bolted foods the fridgeitself has got four casters on it so itallows you to move the fridge back andforwards in position we have a digitalinverter compressor at the back withalso a ten year parts warranty on it thefridge has got a two year want here onall parts and labor I hope this videowill assist you when shopping with ushere at appliances online and don’tforget to click on the subscribe buttonand watch more productive use just likethis fun hi I’m Mel from appliancesonline and this is makes siii 5 MXmicrowave in stainless steel now ourcustomers are big fans of thisgreat-looking microwaves the reliabilityand value for money with the 34 litrecapacity the microwave accommodateslarge dinner plates making it ideal forfamilies looking at the outside we havethe beautiful stainless steel

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