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Electrolux 690L Side By Side Fridge Model:ESE6977SF Video Review

Electrolux 690L Side By Side Fridge Model:ESE6977SF review

today we’re looking at the letter LuxESC six nine seven seven it’s 690 litersfrost-free marked free stainless steeland we got a pole hand which runs fromtop to bottom nice square edges at thetop the hinges are behind here so theactual top of the fridge hides thosehinges we’re coming down to the icemakernow it does come with our water whenit’s crushed and cubed ice makingfacility it’s quite high here so you canput large containers or jugs in it aswell let’s have a look inside now as wego through the freezerwe got lighting all the way from top tobottom tempered glass shelves so they’revery strong they take a lot of weightand just will shove it all the waythrough storage containers down thebottom nice big deep bins on theleft-hand side here you’ve got your icemaking machine and then storagecontainers down the bottom in the fridgecompartment coming from the top we havebutter dairy compartments adjustableshelving all the way through nice bigdeep bins down the bottom we have LEDlighting it so it’s nice andenergy-saving at the back here splitsoff so you can put high containers inhere we have a wine rack now you cantake the wine rack out if you’re notgoing to use it well it will give you alittle bit more space inside the fridgecompartment we have the three bigstorage contains down the bottom for youmore your fruit and veg you’re enoughroom here for the whole familyyou

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