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Westinghouse 690L side by side fridge Model:WSE6970 Video Review

Westinghouse 690L side by side fridge Model:WSE6970 review

we’re looking at the Westinghouse WSC697 oh it is 690 liter totallyfrost-free mark free stainless steelcomes with water and ice that needs tobe plumbed in the water dispenser hereis quite large so you can put a largecontainer in there let’s have a lookinside up the top here you got your icemaking machine name notice that hasmoved from the inside here so it givesyou more room inside the freezercompartment adjustable shelving all theway down the tempered glass shelves sothey’ll take a lot of weight on the tophere down the bottom we’ve got thestorage compartments for large chickensand large roasts the adjustable shelvingdown through the side let’s have a lookinside the other compartment here in thefridge again going from the top storagecompartment with butter and dairy againa nice and lockable section formedicines keep the kids away from themadjustable surely right through heredown to the bottom large storagecontainers right down the very bottomfor your large 2 liter containers insidehere we have the back we’ve got yourlighting againadjustable shelving all the way throughthey are tempered glass again verystrong to take a lot of weight if you dohave a spillage it just retains thatarea you know makes it nice and easy tomop up again containers here again foryour fresh meats get them out of the waydown the bottom nice little addedfeature you’ve got here your wine rackif you don’t want to use the wine rackyou can remove it it gives you a bitmore storage space down the bottomyou’ll notice two large storagecompartments down the bottom now theyare a slide-out bin so you can easilyslide these out gives you plenty of roomin there for all your you boggyvegetables your fruit so forth down thebottomyou

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