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Westinghouse 700L Side By Side Fridge Model:WSE7000SF Video Review

Westinghouse 700L Side By Side Fridge Model:WSE7000SF review

hi I’m Colin compliances online todaywe’re looking at the Westinghouse 700litre side by side fridge it’s availablein white and stainless steel as you seehere there’s certainly some nicefeatures we have a pole handle all theway from top to bottom to do this only600 deep in the cabinet is on casters soyou can move the fridge forward and backthe back casters are fixed and the frontones are adjustable to get the fridgenice and level let’s have a quick lookinside at the back here we see ourincandescent globes both fridge andfreezer lights all the way through fromtop to bottom looking at the shelveshere they are adjustable all the waythrough here they are tempered glassalso spill proof so if something thatdoes accidentally fall overyou can simply mop it up here down thebottom here we have a wine bottle holderyou can remove that give you more spaceon this glass shelf looking at thecrisper bins here we’ve got two crisperbinsthis is quite a deep one they both havehumidity sections on them and keeps thethe fruit and vegies nice and crisp itlonger this is a nice feature down thebottom we have a small crisper bin herenot quite as deep we have the compressorlocated right behind at the top here wehave our temperature semi-pro fridge andfreezer these electronic controls alsoon here we have our alarm setting so ifthe doors are not closed properly alarmwill BIP to let you know that come andclose the doorsonce you’ve closed their doors properlyalarm turns off automatically in thefreezer compartment here we haveincandescent globe all the way throughwe have our manual icemaker it’s a twisticemaker once the ice is formed simplyturn it to the right dispensers ice intoyour container here and your access toice here you could take it outaltogether and serve it at the tablewe have tempered glass shelves two largestorage bins and plenty of shoving downthe freezer as well as on the fridgeside here deep bins here for large 2 or4 liter containers and then we have somenice little features from ourWestinghouse 700 liter frost free fridge2-year warranty on all parts and labor Ihope this video will assist you whenshopping with us here appliances onlineand don’t forget to click on thesubscribe button to watch more productreviews just like this oneI’m Mel from appliances online and thisis Meg’s sa 3 5 MX microwave instainless steel now a customers are bigfans of this great looking microwavesthe reliability and value for money withthe 34 litre capacity the microwaveaccommodates large dinner plates makingit ideal for families looking at theoutside we have the beautiful stainlesssteel

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