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LG 730L 3 Door Fridge Model:GRL730SL Detailed Video Review

LG 730L 3 Door Fridge Model:GRL730SL review

hi I’m Colin for appliances online todaywe’re looking at the LG French doorfridge 730 layers layers steel frontnice D shaped handle we have ice andwater dispenser on the far side let’shave a closer look if a soft touchcontrolled here which operates the waterwhich comes out of here crushed and cubecomes out of the soft dispenser here onthe other side it has a large dispenserfor taking up your big items there so aquick look at the control panel it’sblue LED display we have a crushed andcube buttons here so simply press thebutton to switch from crushed and cubedwe have our fridge temperature andfreezer temperature you can change themand a touch of a button so you canchange the temperature of both settingswe have an alarm setting as well whichmeans if your doors are not closedproperly the alarm will sound and simplyclose the doors up and the alarm willreset itself let’s have a quick lookinside at the top here we have LEDlighting all the way through nicelighting on both sides LED we haveadjustable shelving here at the backit’s metal to metal connections so itwill hold quite a bit of weightthey’re tempered glass and also spillproof so if something does fall overaccidentally simply mop it up on the farside here we have a switch shelf so ifyou do require that extra space forheight slide the shop back it gives youmore room here we have a a nice glasstop here on top of the crisper bins thetwo large crispers which slide outbeautifully towards you it has got ahumidity section on them as well on bothcrisper bins simply start at forward andback for veggies or fruit it makes itmore humid inside so the veggies andfruit last longer the other bottom wehave our temperature controlled dairycompartment so where they’re puttingmeat fish or dairy products in simplyselect the right setting on the righthand side of the control panel and it’lldelivered the right temperature for thatarea let’s slide that back at the tophere we have our water filter connectionthe fridge does require plumbing doescome with all its plumbing accessoriesprovided with the fridge because yourpiping here and the filter simply placethe filter in hereclose it up and you’re pretty much readyto go a lot of other brands out there dohave the filters located behind a fishwhat makes it awkward to get to we havepurimfresh what that does it takes any odorsin purifies it and delivers fresh airback into the fridge compartment on thesociety we have plenty of storage orshelving down through here quite deepbins for your 2 or 4 liter containersthere’s they’re allowing going oftenless we haven’t closed the doors on theside here we’ve got our ice makingmachine which delivers your ice intoheresimply take it out and you can serveeither from here or into let’s have aquick look inside the freezercompartment noisy shake handles havematches of French handles it’s on a pulllatch which we realize alexis here makesit easy to glide the door forward todeep storage bins with divider flat trayfor your flat food and with another deepstorage bin here a nice little tray soyou can speed your ice into here andserve it at the table the fridge itselfis quite deep make sure you got plentyof room when you do locate it into itsposition give it about two centimetresall the way around it plugs into anormal power point LG have also adigital inverter motor which means ithas less moving parts in it so it’s moreenergy efficient a lot of the othercompressors out there also LG have atwo-year warranty on all parts and laborI hope this video will assist you whenshopping with us here at appliancesonline and don’t forget to click on thesubscribe button to watch more productreviews just like this one hi I’m Melfrom appliances online and this is makessiii 5 MX microwave in stainless steelnow our customers are big fans of thisgreat looking microwaves the reliabilityand value for money with the 34 litrecapacity the microwave accommodateslarge dinner plates making it ideal forfamilies looking at the outside we havethe beautiful stainless steel

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