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Bosch 762L Side By Side Fridge Model:KFN91PJ10A Detailed Video Review

Bosch 762L Side By Side Fridge Model:KFN91PJ10A review

table bosch three door French doorfridge the Cape in 91 P let’s have aquick look at the control panel nice andflush easy to cleantouch control so it makes it moreaccurate with your temperature settingsso you can go from 8 degrees right downto 2 degrees and you got 2 sitting hereagain touch controldispenser here crushed and cubed alittle alarm and you’ve got two lightLED here as well so it gives you plentyof lighting here in your dispenser andit’s quite tall as well so if you don’tput large Ivan not a problem whatsoeverlet’s have a quick look inside beautifullighting LED again energy-efficientBasha thought of it all here plenty oflighting to the front at the bottomright through all your dispensers herethrough both crispers and your largerChristmas down the bottom going from thetop here you see full glide out shelvesthere easy glide out system again bothsides these I mean it means you get easyaccess into your back of your fridgewhether that small items can store atthe back big platters not a problemeasy so if you love entertaining you’lllove this fridge up the top hereleft-hand corner you’re going to seeyour icemaker dispenses ice straightstraight through your dispenser here onthe left hand side again crushed andcubedthey crush the ice in the dispenser herepass it through here and you’ll get itout the front through your door hereagain plenty of shelving right throughfrom top to bottomnice big section here for your juices aswell so you’ve got two large bottles nota problem again same thing on theopposite side little storage containerhere for your all your dairycompartments you cheese and so forthcontainers like this again not allfridges have these it’s for your eggsokayagain plenty of room here for yourlarger items to you big 4 litercontainers not a problem plenty of roomhere from front to backand then quite strong to no problemswith the weight let’s have a lookdownstairs again plenty of storage spacehere for your larger items and look atthis this is beautifulnice section here for your flat frozenfoods and look at this slidesbeautifully there we have a lovelyproduct made by Bosch

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