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Smeg 762L 3 Door Fridge Model:SF640S 1 Detailed Video Review

Smeg 762L 3 Door Fridge Model:SF640S 1 review

hi I’m Yannick from appliances onlineand this is the Smeg French doorrefrigerator the SF 640 s1 this fridgehas been designed with elegance in mindcomplete with bar handles on the doorsand a stainless steel finish meanwhileit’s seven hundred and sixty two litrecapacity provides more than enoughstorage space to feed a family of fiveor more remember you should alwaysmeasure your kitchens available spacebefore you purchase this or any fridgeleaving a few centimetres of extra roomavailable at the size and the rear forventilation on the fridge door we havethe Handy ice and water dispenser whichallows you to instantly enjoy freshfiltered water as well as cubed orcrushed ice this is where you’ll alsofind the fridges digital control panelwhere you can set the temperature of thefridge and freezer sections opening upthe refrigerator you can see that thereis a great deal of space with nice wideshelves for storing large platters andtrays of food all illuminated withbright and efficient LED lighting thereare seven more storage compartments onthe doors as well as two vegetableCrispus providing you with a wide rangeof food storage options as the wholefridge section is right at eye level youwon’t need to bend down to reach youreveryday items the freezer section isdivided into a full width drawer anddeep storage bin allowing you to easilyaccess your frozen foods without havingto rummage around too much this fridgeand freezer have been designed to remainfrost free so they can provideconsistent and reliable cooling plus anantibacterial system helps suppress thegrowth of germs so your food can stayfresh and healthy for longer and that’sthe Smeg French door refrigerator andfreezer available with a two-yearwarranty thanks for watching don’tforget to subscribe to the appliancesonline YouTube channel for all of thelatest appliance videos hi I’m Mel fromappliances online and this is snakes si3 5 MX microwave in stainless steel nowa customers are big fans of this greatlooking microwave the reliability andvalue for money with the 34 litrecapacity the microwave accommodateslarge dinner plates making it ideal forfamilies looking at the outside we havethe beautiful stainless steel

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