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Westinghouse 90L Bar Freezer Model:WFM0900WC Detailed Video Review

Westinghouse 90L Bar Freezer Model:WFM0900WC review

hi I’m Yannick from appliances onlineand this is the Westinghouse bar freezerthe wfm 0 9 0 0 WC this handy littlefreezer can give you frozen foods a homewithout taking up too much space and ifyou set it up alongside a matchingWestinghouse bar fridge the twoappliances can function as a pint-sizedpigeon pair the freezer has a classicwhite finish that suits any style ofroom decor, as well as a reversible doorwhich, helps the appliance convenientlyfit into any handy space the freezerstemperature control is found just herejust above the door using this style youcan set the freezer to chill or deepfreeze your foods looking inside thefreezer it’s 19 litre capacity isdivided into four storage drawersallowing you to efficiently organizeyour frozen foods the drawers aretransparent so you can tell what itemsare where with just a glance the freezeralso includes an ice tray and a nicestorage bin once you prepare a few traysof ices and stockpile them in the binyou’ll be fully prepared for your nextparty this freezer does need to bemanually defrosted so when you start tonotice icy buildup be prepared to emptythe appliance so the ice can melt andthat’s the Westinghouse bar freezeravailable with a two-year warrantythanks for watching and don’t forget tosubscribe to appliances online onYouTube for more appliance videos hi I’mMel from appliances online and this issnakes si3 5mx microwave in stainlesssteel now a customers are big fans ofthis great looking microwave thereliability and value for money with the34 litre capacity the microwaveaccommodates large dinner plates makingit ideal for families looking at theoutside we have the beautiful stainlesssteel

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