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Bosch HBA13B150B Single Oven Detailed Video Review

Bosch HBA13B150B Single Oven review

hi welcome again to the rice of appliances and buyers and sellers YouTube channel this is a video on the Bosch HB a 13 be 150 single oven the entry-level oven in the bosch range but it’s still got some amazing features with it which we’re going to run through on this video big digital display on the front here which has an auto timer and a minute minder programs on the oven it’s got fan assisted cooking fan assisted grilling grill only defrost and light so not a million-in-one features but some decent features in there for you going inside the oven one of the nice features of this is how easy the door is to remove for cleaning you lift these two retaining pins up here and then you go to shut the door which it fouls on the pins just rolls and lips out so you can easily now get in front of the machine to clean it Hoover along that edge there where the crumbs always sit in and again to put back in it’s nice and easy you simply line the hinges into the sockets push them home make sure it’s at square drop the door down flip the taps back on the door again will shut perfectly on the front also looking for ease of clean the single piece glass inner door means you have no lip or edge around the inside here for stuff to get down or for the dirt to actually encroach into so this is a piece of glass that you can wipe down at the end or you can use a flat bladed razor on it inside you get some lovely furniture and there’s a really deep grill pan with a metal rack that sits inside it your grill pan is also a universal pan at you use for roasting in and then inside there to pervert shelves which is quite rare normally you only get one further shelf inside the oven now being the entry-level model this oven is 2.9 kilowatts which means it will run on a 13 amp plug top energy writing a so it’s the highest rating you can have and it’s 67 liters it’s a very large oven inside one of the things just in looking to do the video we noticed was you get a very comprehensive instruction manual here which has a guide for cooking in the back as well also looking at the accessories that are available for this oven and this is a huge amount of them very back here at the beginning all of these optional accessories of wire racks universal pans even baking stones are available for this oven and they’re available from us we can all them in for you or you can get them direct from the Bosch website for this and plenty other offers please feel free to visit us rice flip appliances calm thanks a lot goodbye

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2 Replies to “Bosch HBA13B150B Single Oven Detailed Video Review

  1. Thank you so much! The oven door got unhinged somehow and I could not for the life of me figure out how to reattach it!

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