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AEG BP501432WM Competence Oven Detailed Video Review

AEG BP501432WM Competence Oven review

so here we have the aeg competence oven kindly given to me by appliances online in return for an honest review of the product you’ll see that’s very slim line none of the buttons stick out which is very nice so when it’s in use suits in a very modern environment looks really really nice we’ve got a very nice wide door we’ve got brushed crumb as well which is very easy to clean does it show any marks or anything nice white glass door very very nice indeed you’ll see film from the open door it’s bit like km fridge freezer really you your light comes on when you open it there’s a sensor in the dialectology moving that even from the door really really useful feature saves you having to turn you oven on and things like that so you’ll see that the door when it’s open like this this is my favorite feature I think because I’ve come from an oven that wasn’t cheap by any standards but when I used to open the door we’ve stopped a common thing where the dog would just drop down to the floor and we ended up with broken Austrian hinges this seems to be a lot better it really really you’ve got several positions you can have the doll light of that that’s your first bit where suppose you would have the grill on kind of it at any position you want and it will stare there and it feels weighted to get right down to the bottom it’s you know it really has got a lot of strength in the door nice solid door I’ve also got air blowing out here to cross the door which obviously keeps the controls and that cool another good feature really I think is the fact that we’ve got this nice light in the back so the the floodlight really really does illuminate the food it’s nice bright white light we’ve got two trays that come with the oven and we’ve got this one here which is on runners you have to fit the room is inside but they’re a little bit like a draw then so it’s nicely smooth to come out you’ve got the little things at the end of here which stop any oven trays or anything like that just sliding off the end the sort of you know nestled inside there two tears the same the bottom one doesn’t have the runners so these are like a manual type woman your most common one is this one I imagine that you can position that on any of these ones so if you wanted it to be a bottom on that with your smooth one got an extra wide and deep oven tray which goes the width and all the way to the back of the oven so it captures any drips which is really really useful makes points out as well that this oven is a pyrotechnic oven it’s self-cleaning which means it heats itself to a very very high temperature meaning that anything afterwards is literally just you just wipe it to wipe the dust off pretty much insects it just turns it to ash haven’t had to use that feature as we’ve only just got it but really really useful feature and I think I hate oven cleaning more than anything we also have a probe here that comes with the oven now what this probe does is it allows you to measure the temperature so you were cooking a joint or anything like that use this hook it inside the oven there’s a little connector inside the oven and why it does is it allows you to actually check on the temperature the food temperature will then be displayed up here on the on the control panel which is it also very very easy to use and so that’s bit about how that side of the the oven works we also have a sting feature on this alone so if you go back up to the controls we have this draw now I’m going to write well the fight was a place to put you know star things in but it’s not you pop after into here and it’s like a storage tank so what happens is this water then will be converted into steam by the oven so if you’re cooking something like fish or something like that the steam n is injected into various points in the oven so you’ll see here we’ve got one here that’s a point just there where the steam will come into the oven so it’s very very efficient and clean way of cooking food if you have a look at the controls so we’ve got nice easy-to-read control panel we’ve got the temperature buttons on the left this is a bit like a cow on so if I turn the oven on so we’ve got various dials here various functions and you see that the other ones changing as we go through these so if I put it on to the oven feature so we’ve got defrost settings as well put it on to fan oven your light comes on your fan stats you’ll see the temperature control here a bit like a stereo than like I was saying so that tournament that way of turns up in increments of 5 so it’s not like a dial that you would turn round and it’s in its mapped on it like as a touch sensitive time that type of button so we can do it that way and then you’ll see nice dial starts to flicker here so this is toning that the oven is preheating so once it gets up to the top where the arrow is it will bleed and then it will tell you that basically ovens up to temperature and you can comments with your cooking so if we wanted to check what temperature the other one was it now we press this button here and that tells me that the other ones at 73 degrees already so from an ambient room temperature of 21 it’s already up to 73 degrees which is really really fast it takes about 10 minutes just under 10 minutes to reach 180 degrees with the fun over the same so very fast to warm up very quiet as well one of the things they used to hate about my previous oven is that if I was cooking a big meal and there was lots of like heat inside it was full I pull pulled the door open to when to check on the food with with the steam getting inside the oven and so we don’t from the door and you’d be blasted in the face with the temperature of the of the heat coming out so this someone doesn’t do that because the fan stops when you open the door the fan stops which is a really really good feature so that’s one of the good features from this oven so you know the controls are very very easy to use really really easy to use and we’ve got the settings here the clock settings which allows you to turn the oven on and off a set time we have the other two plus and minus buttons which allows you to change at any of the time of features so we’ve also got the bell here which is like a timer which allows you to obviously say for say 20 minutes and then the bells start ringing to let you know to come and check on it it will remind you of several intervals as well if you ignore that it will start counting down and reminding you again another two minutes but yeah that’s really there’s someone it’s a really really nice of one to you is looking forward to cooking on it really really nice of them appliances online to doing it it’s item to me thank you

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