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AEG DCE731110M Double Oven Detailed Video Review

AEG Double Oven Model:DCE731110M review

This built in double oven from AEG is ideal for households looking for a self-cleaning model with great features to make cooking effortless. With a large sixty-eight litre capacity, there’s plenty of flexibility if you’re cooking for a large household or like to host dinner parties.

It’s also a multifunctional oven with great functions, including a defrost and pizza setting. AEG’s Surround Cook system creates an even temperature from the top to the bottom of the oven. A fan at the back of the cavity circulates hot air, which is released through several vents to spread heat quickly throughout the oven. This means food is cooked evenly on every shelf. And because the hot air is constantly moving, flavours won’t transfer, so you can make starters, mains, and desserts at the same time.

This model features Catalytic Liners on the inner-walls, which clean the oven while it’s switched on. Working best at high temperatures, these liners absorb and dissolve food splatters to help your oven stay grease-free. So, you can save money on expensive oven cleaners and spend less time scrubbing. If you’re looking for a self-cleaning double oven to make cooking effortless, this built in model from AEG is a great addition to your household.

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