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Cook up a delicious Sunday roast with this
fantastic electric built-in single oven from AEG, it comes with all the brilliant features
you’ll need. With a large seventy-one litre capacity, there’s plenty of flexibility
if you’re cooking for a large household or like to host dinner parties. It’s also
a multifunctional oven with great functions, including a Turbo Grilling and Pizza setting.
And it can either be built into your kitchen at eye level or under a worktop. So there’s
no need to measure, as it will fit in a standard oven housing unit. Create succulent dishes
with AEG’s Sense Cook, it’s a clever food sensor that helps deliver perfect results.
For juicy steaks and tender roasts, just place the probe into the middle of your food and
choose your setting. When the perfect temperature is reached, the oven will switch off, leaving
your food cooked the way you like. So, you can release your inner chef and cook up dishes
that will amaze your family and friends. This model’s handy two stage Pyrolytic function
is a self-cleaning feature that does the hard work for you. With one simple touch, the oven
will turn any spills, grease or food residue into ash by raising the temperature to around
five hundred degrees. And whether your oven is just a little dirty or needs a full deep
clean, there are two handy time settings from one and a half to three hours that you can
choose. Now you can spend less time cleaning your oven and more time perfecting your favourite
meals. If you want a model with handy cleaning features and innovative technology to help
take your cooking to the next level, this electric built-in single oven from AEG is
a perfect choice.

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